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You Tube Ideas for most views and Subscribers


Starting a YouTube channel means a lot of work. Not only do you need to take the time to write, produce and edit videos, but you also need to find topics you like and make sure they fit people.

To inspire you, we’ve found thirty popular YouTube categories where you can start a channel. Read on to find out why viewers love interacting with these types of YouTube videos, and start creating your YouTube channel today.

YouTube Channel Ideas

  • Comedy Sketches
  • Web Series
  • Music
  • Album Reviews
  • Tutorials
  • Software Tutorials
  • Photography
  • Video Editing
  • Self Help
  • Cleaning and Organization
  • Minimalism
  • Style
  • Cooking
  • Baking
  • Fitness Training
  • Home Workouts
  • Yoga
  • Strength Training
  • Dance
  • Travel
  • Product Reviews
  • Movie Reviews
  • Show Reviews
  • Gaming
  • Game Playthroughs
  • Information Based Gaming
  • Channel Ideas For Beginners

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What are good ideas for YouTube videos?

What are the best topics for YouTube channel?

What YouTube video gets the most views?

What YouTube video gets the most views 2021?

1. Funny sketches

When you’re in a two-hour YouTube session, you can blame the number of funny videos. Some of the most successful YouTubers create comic sketches, like YouTube blogger Jenna Marbles, who has 19 million subscribers, and college boy Jimmy Tatro, who makes funny videos. But for fun, he eventually turned them into a profession. To date, it has garnered more than 3 million customers.

Jenna and Jimmy both made YouTube with low volume videos. But at the same time, most of their videos are very fond of humor and storytelling. It is certainly possible to create a successful comedy channel on a shoestring budget.

2. Web Series

The human brain is designed to respond to well-prepared stories. Neuroscience shows that storytelling is the best way to get the attention of others. Put the information into your memories and you are programmed to want to build close personal relationships and find good stories. it never changes

If you organize your YouTube channel like a TV season and organize your videos into story-based series, you can make your viewers fall in love with your content. Like your favorite Netflix shows.

3. Music

Covers are one of the funniest videos on YouTube. People love to hear the personal twists of their favorite songs from dream artists. Try playing a song you like, popular or popular. So upload it to YouTube, who knows, maybe you will see it and be next to Justin Bieber or Tori Kelly.

4. Album review

This popular slot idea is full of endless possibilities. Famous for new music appearing every day, YouTuber Anthony Fantano has been constantly analyzing famous and popular underground albums for various genres over the past decade. and he gains more followers after sharing your comments. But even if the number of videos reaches one million, it is very easy to register. If you are interested in music, you will be surprised how many people want to hear what you have to say.

5. Tutorials

Whether it’s a guitar lesson, a beauty lesson, or a video about what an ice chest will look like for your hamster. People love learning to enjoy their life more. If you can handle topics that interest people and teach them to be better. They will live a better life. This increases your channel’s loyalty and branding. grab your audience’s attention and impress your friends with their word of mouth marketing.

6. Software tutorials

You don’t have to be a software engineer to create software classes. But figuring out how to use it can be a good YouTube tutorial. It can cover topics like software, applications and system applications, and YouTube viewers can learn how to use it properly or install a newer version.

7. Photography

Photography is an art that comes in many forms. Photographs can take landscapes. family portrait YouTube is an excellent site to share lessons on how to take the best photos for different purposes and devices. Plus, you don’t need an expensive camera or software to take great photos. Because some photos and videos teach people how to take beautiful photos with the iPhone. Jessica Wang a fashion model and an instagrammar gives awesome tips on poses and shots.

8. Video Editing

There are many adjustments for users. But many people ignore this because they don’t know how to best use videos. If you know how to use Premiere Pro or any other quality program, downloading tutorials can allow your audience to experience content in a way they never thought possible before.

9. Self-help

Another way to increase loyalty and sentiment for a channel brand is to help people solve their personal problems. Both professional and personal life. You can advise others on common problems you face or ask. But make sure you have extensive knowledge, education, or personal experience on these topics, or people will consider you a shaman and lose faith in you.

10. Cleaning and organization

Usually marketed to large families, even single people can enjoy the benefits of house cleaning and tips on changing the way to make a home more attractive. Making videos about a hard to clean clutter or cluttered wardrobe can motivate viewers to do the same.

11. Minimalism

The world has undergone a major change in the past year, with increasing periods at home. Adding rejection and minimalism has increased as people struggle to make their homes more pleasant, and getting your minimalist tips will help people on their journey. Corey Jones shares minimalism tips on interior design, wardrobe, and even the equipment she uses to capture her content. YouTuber shows minimalist decorating videos.

12. Style

Everyone wants to look beautiful. And by reviewing new clothes, keeping people up to date with new trends and styles, and teaching them how to always look their best, you can create a dedicated YouTube following. If your YouTube channel is popular, you can also attract sponsors who will pay you to check out their outfits and offer to your audience.

13. Cooking

Most important is the human love of cooking. That is, we need food to survive, so there is a perfect sense that people are always trying to master certain dishes and learn new ones. To help them do that, walk them through your recipes, explore the techniques you use, and show them what their food looks like at every step of your recipe. This helps them prepare the best possible dish. When sharing your techniques, don’t be afraid to add a little humor to the kitchen like Kitchen Online a rising channel.

14. Baking

Another part of YouTube that has grown in popularity is cooking videos. While people have found ways to use their free time in 2020, many have found ways to make recreation fun and enjoyable. You don’t have to be a professional cook to share a recipe you’ve adapted, and it’s likely to be quick or easy, people are more inclined to hook up because they can find themselves trying it.

15. Physical training

Personal trainers are expensive. Unfortunately, you don’t need them to stay in good condition. People are starting to turn to personal trainers or free yoga teachers on YouTube to stay active. So if you have a lot of experience with weight lifting, yoga, or other health techniques, consider creating workout videos for specific purposes, such as losing weight, gaining muscle mass, or improvement.

16. Exercise at home

For many people, the thought of going to the gym can make them nervous because they don’t know how to use the equipment or don’t know what’s included in a fitness routine. By making workout videos at home, it makes fitness more accessible and you can do for the everyday viewer.

17. Yoga

Another form of strength to explore is yoga video guides. Yoga is a great way to actively engage your body and mind, and sharing your experience on how to do it right will benefit viewers. By showing how to practice different versions of yoga like Ashtanga or Hatha, you help people calm down and stay healthy throughout their busy lives.

18. Strength training

Strength training videos are good for people of all walks of life who are looking to build muscle and learn how to do it the right way. If you have a solid work that others might want to learn and follow, it’s a good idea to share it on YouTube.

19. Dance

Whether you’re a professional dancer or just someone who wants to move on, making dance videos using your favorite songs can be great entertainment. Choreographer or freestyle numbers switching to the latest graphic hits can keep your content relevant and inspire others to dance.

20. Travel

People are biologically compiled to investigate rather than react to the world. That’s why people love to explore so much. But before they can earn thousands of dollars to find a place they’ve seen on Instagram, people need to do a little research first. So if you have the funds to travel, consider recording your adventures in urban patterns or destination landscapes. Your audience can get an inside look at the place, helping them decide on a vacation not to forget or save money on a trip they regret.


The category of reviewed videos is huge. Videos in the Reviews category can cover various media forms, articles and experiences of your choice.

21. Product Reviews

With websites like Amazon selling millions of different products, creating product reviews is a great way to help consumers choose the right products. YouTubers can show functionality, flexibility, and overall satisfaction with whatever product they find. While most websites have sections for written reviews, many prefer to watch and listen to a similar trusted consumer for advice on the product to choose. one the most famous mobile phones or gadgets reviewer is Mr who’s the boss.

22. Movie reviews

Whether you’ve just watched the latest action video or a small indie movie, you can direct your thoughts to YouTube and be among the first people to share your viewing experience with the world. Movie review videos allow viewers to watch the value of buying an enhanced movie on social media thanks to YouTubers they can trust.

23. Show reviews

Movie reviews are a great way to go on YouTube, with the proliferation of streaming services and the ongoing release of new series, reviewing popular TV seasons.

24. Game

Some people still think that video games are only for children, but the truth is that this industry is expected to cost $ 256.97 billion by 2025. It’s no surprise to fans of all ages, genders and backgrounds, that YouTube is full of gaming-related games.

25. Games screen recordings

If you’re already an avid gamer, why not save your games? Whether it’s a classic franchise or the latest storyboard, someone on YouTube is probably looking for a playback. These videos help gamers decide whether to buy a game themselves, go through a tough adventure, or enjoy it like any other series on the web. Don’t be afraid of the most popular players, as small channels like Narcissa Wright have a steady stream of subscribers who match their weekly games.

26. An information-based game

Like those who enjoy watching games, there is a large audience of gamers who take to YouTube for game guides. People who have a difficult adventure or do not know how to achieve success know. They can go on YouTube for visual and video guides to help them master the games they love.

If the thoughts on this channel seem a little awesome, don’t give up! For those who are just starting out and want to start making simple fun videos, read on.


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