These 6 Free Advertising Sites Can Boost

These 6 Free Advertising Sites Can Boost Your Local Marketing.

Online Ads Offer Unique Opportunities To Increase Your Company’s Revenue.

Reaching a mass audience with any platform trying to make money from your marketing goals can often seem like a battle against small budgets. When social media and search engine ads eat up your money, free advertising sites can help you get the most out of any budget.

Using free advertising sites can be an unusual way to sell your products or services, but about 50% of internet users already used classified advertising sites in 2009. This figure has been growing steadily since 2005, especially among today’s most influential consumer generation.

With the right online advertising opportunities, you can get powerful tools to reach millions without spending a penny.

Top 6 Free Advertising Sites

Free classified advertising sites allow you not only to sell beyond your direct marketing efforts, but also to drive traffic to your company’s website and physical workplace. In addition, modern advertising sites are an excellent asset for business owners with different needs and allow you to do the following:

List of products and services
Find employees, contractors and freelancers
Sale of old equipment and inventory
However, the internet is a competitive environment, which means that some free advertising sites will connect you to a larger, more engaging audience than others. Others will benefit your business more by highlighting categories that are directly related to the product you are selling. You can get the most productive results when you know which ones are worth your time.

1. Craigslist

Craigslist, perhaps the most popular classified site today, is one of the 30 most visited websites in the United States. This platform has many categories that allow you to sell almost any product or service. These categories are so diverse that they range from car and beauty services to computer parts and parking.

Craigslist currently allows users to place ads in a geographic area once every 48 hours. It’s completely free for almost all product ads, except for car and furniture ads, which may require an additional $ 5. Advertising for services will also require a small fee, but you are guaranteed a full 30 days when you pay for ads.

The unique advantage of Craigslist is that you can actually post ads looking for elements. This means that in addition to getting free ads, you can also find equipment and office supplies that will help you make more money in the future.

The downside of Craigslist is that it has a poor reputation due to past high-profile stories about people using the site for illegal activities. However, as long as your ads aren’t spam, you’ll be able to sell to many nearby consumers and connect with them – possibly gaining loyal customers for your local business along the way.

2. Locanto

Locanto is another traditional free advertising site located in Germany and available in 60 countries around the world.

Like Craigslist, you can use this online classifieds site to connect with job seekers and sell services, cars, real estate and personal items. But Locanto is especially great for businesses with a large community presence. This is because the platform has unique categories for selling event tickets, entertainment events, classes and even community-based services to increase your local marketing efforts.

A few cities may require premium accounts to advertise, but Locanto is actually a free advertising site for the vast majority of users. Your ad will remain on the site for 60 days.

3. Facebook

Facebook does not technically fit into the category of free advertising sites, but since the creation of the Facebook Marketplace and stores for business pages, the social media platform has provided features that directly mimic the functions of the best-classified advertising sites.

About 800 million people use the Facebook Marketplace every month. The platform has proven to be a particularly effective tool for selling cars, real estate, furniture and retail products. Whether you want to sell new jewelry or make money for your old company car, Facebook can help you make money in two ways:

Sales as a User: Using your personal account, you can create a direct list in the Facebook Marketplace for used and new products for the local population in your area. You can get badges because you are very sensitive when you start selling and you get great reviews for your trades.
Selling as a business: If you build a store with new, physical products on your Facebook business page, compatible products can appear in the “Stores” tab of the Facebook Marketplace. Following this path, Podium Reviews can help you gather customer reviews for your company’s affiliate Facebook page to make you a trusted seller.
While Facebook Marketplace and Facebook business page stores aren’t the best places to list services, you can still use Facebook Marketplace to find new employees and contractors.

4. Oodle

Oodle is today the largest network of free advertising sites, connecting users with local lists from eBay,, newspapers, etc., all on one platform. Before the launch of today’s Facebook Marketplace, Oodle really strengthened the original market feature of the social media platform. The local ads site currently has 15 million monthly users in seven countries.

To use Oodle, you need to connect your Facebook account to protect all users from fraud. Once you’ve done that, you can place completely free ads under key categories such as Goods, Vehicles, Rents, and Community.

If you decide to upgrade your free advertising features, you can help get digital traffic by adding live links to your website.

5. Hoobly

Hoobly is a simple and free advertising site available in over 30 countries.

This platform is especially great for reselling your old industrial equipment and office supplies, as it offers a “Commercial and Industrial” category that is different from other classified advertising sites. You can also use Hoobly to sell your products, especially if your product falls into one of the main categories of the website. This includes categories related to art, clothing, jewelry, real estate and vehicles.

To place an ad, you are required to create an account and complete an email check. This adds a layer of security to the platform that is not found on many other free advertising sites.

6. Geebo

If owning the most secure platform possible is your priority, Geebo opposes Craigslist by taking precautions to keep users safe. The company reviews your classified ad before placing a classified ad on Geebo.

While this increases the time it takes to place your ad on the site, Geebo’s advertising process will naturally help you build trust in your brand without taking any action. Whether you’re selling services, construction and agricultural equipment, or cars and auto parts, you’ll have a whole new audience that knows you’re a verified seller.

Geebo is also an excellent ads site to look for local freelancers and employees. Many skilled workers look at this free ad site for opportunities because they collect local lists from many job posting sites. In addition, Geebo has developed its own CV submission tool, which makes it easier for applicants to take an interest in the opportunity.

Another great feature of Geebo’s placement is that the product list can be shared on Geebo’s social media channels with more than 60,000 followers.

Improve your local marketing strategy with free online marketing opportunities

While newspaper ads are on the way, free online advertising sites offer effective local marketing opportunities to help you succeed with any income. When the audience you need can learn about your product or service with a simple list, you don’t need to strain your marketing budget for TV advertising.

However, free marketing does not always take the form of classified ads. As the world becomes more and more involved with everything digital, business owners have many opportunities to reach a mass digital audience for free. Whether you’re optimizing Google My Business profiles for SEO or posting organic content on your social media and blogs, there are no restrictions on where you can start selling if you want to implement creative strategies.

Note that advertising does not always come in the form of advertising. Customer reviews can be some of the most powerful and free presentations for your company. Get a complete checklist for the 25 best review sites you need to know to gain new customers.

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