The art of never being late

The art to never being late?

The importance of giving time is not universal and varies from culture to culture in some places, such as Latin America and the Pacific Islands. Life goes on at a different pace. and meeting times are often uncertain. But that doesn’t break the value of being on time for men living in a culture that more strictly defines time. Like men in the West, they look for talent in areas such as handshaking, tying, kettlebells, and door-opening for women, but this is not practiced around the world.

Why is punctuality important?

Having the right time will strengthen you and bring you loyalty. If you tell someone you’ll meet at some point. Show him you promised. And if you say you come at 8 in the morning and you can still arrive at 8:15, you are breaking your promise. Being punctual shows people that you are punctual.

Before attending the event, think about why it is that you’re attending the event in the first place

Being on time means you can count on him. Chances are you can be trusted. A man is always in his position. then to perform the necessary functions People know they can count on this man. If he said he was there, he was there. But if one man is out of time, the other does not rely on him. I don’t know where it will be, if necessary. His colleagues will begin to feel that he cannot manage his time. And these doubts enter into things that are out of time, naturally raising the question: “What else would he be careless if he were careless about time?”

Benjamin Franklin spoke with a longtime employee. but always willing to apologize “In general, I think men who know how to apologize are useless.”

Being on time increases self-confidence. Acting at the right time is not just about telling others. It teaches you that you can trust, but you can also trust yourself. The more you keep your promises, the better. The more you trust yourself, the more it will grow. and the more you control yourself, the less control and habits you have. And you will only feel more in control of your life.

Being on time ensures that you are in the best place. After driving someone’s car. Run like crazy, scan the cops and curse the red lights. It’s hard to focus on presenting at a date or a glamorous date – you’ll be overwhelmed and tired of adrenaline and stress. Better in the morning You have a few minutes to gather your thoughts. check your content and face the game

Having the right time will develop you and reveal your discipline. A punctual person shows that he can set the time. Paying attention to detail. And you can touch it to do it. The joy of business care can be shared.

Being on time shows your humility. The sticker motto: “Always late, but worth the wait” suggests that sometimes you are late and you exaggerate sometimes go hand in hand. People will be happy to see you when you arrive. But they will be glad you arrived at the right time.

There is nothing wrong with striving towards a punctual lifestyle

Being on time shows respect for others. Chronic delay is a selfish act because it puts your needs above those of others. You want another minute to do what you want, but win that minute for yourself, you get one minute from the other, and therefore…

Delay is a form of theft. It’s a hard fact, but it’s still a fact. If you wait for others, you rob them of minutes from which they will never return. The time could have been money or just spent doing things that mattered to them. When they came to see you at the appointed time, they may have made sacrifices—waking up early, cutting back on their workout, telling their kid they couldn’t read a story together—and your delay ignored these victims. If you don’t mind taking ten bucks out of someone else’s wallet, you shouldn’t have thought of stealing ten minutes from him. Being on time shows that you value your own time, which is why you can’t think of depriving others of this valuable but limited resource.
Chronic delay disrupts the experiences of others. Your delay not only robs others of their time, but of their entire experiences. The student who interrupts a teacher in the middle of his or her lecture; the family climbs on you to take their place in the middle of the row at the theater; the man who opens the new door in the middle of a compliment. When an elder asked why he came to church so punctually for decades, he replied, “I’m sure my religion doesn’t interfere with the religion of others.”

always be punctual.
Things that we do on time brings quality results and make things go smoothly.

Delay makes your relationship rusty. When you get to know other people, you must feel underrated that anything you can’t get rid of is more important or that it doesn’t mean enough to you to decide to take enough time to get there. . The guy flying to see you feels like a drug addict sitting alone in the airport, your meeting is uncomfortable sitting alone in the restaurant and your kid feels abandoned while waiting with his teacher to to come, all the other children have already been taken away from school.

Delay scars your professional career. Whether you work for yourself or in business, being late can be a barrier to your professional success. Many companies have strict on-time grant policies – you get a few registrations and you don’t. Of course, if you’re late for the interview, you’ll probably get the position first. And if you’re trying to win a new customer over when you arrive ten minutes late, you’re not going to get things on track, just like you promise to get something for them on a certain date and then don’t. elsewhere for your services.

Delay affects your life. Always running backwards only hurts in all areas of your life. Losing results of opportunities: missed a plane, missed a meeting, missed an important part of an interview, missed a wedding. This creates stress and can lead to car accidents and traffic fines. This leads to embarrassment and forces you to look for reasons why you are late, which puts a stain on your honesty. In short, it complicates your life; For men looking to simplify their lives, cultivating proper time is an important part of that path.

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