Stray Blade, a new Action RPG game on PC and Consoles in 2023

Stray Blade, a new Action RPG game on PC and Consoles in 2023

Players can now sign up for the Stray Blade Beta test.

In the first digital showcase of 505 Games, the publisher announced that the new action RPG Stray Blade will launch in 2023 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | It has been announced that it will be available on S and PC.

Developed by Point Blank Games, the studio behind Shock Tactics, the next strategy game of 2017, will follow the Stray Blade player as a rogue adventurer exploring the Acrea Valley with his friend, the wolf Hinnon Boji. Players will embark on a path to “master the powers of the three Acrean Metals to unlock the history of the forgotten valley and restore balance in this war-torn land.”

During the event, 505 Games released a gameplay trailer showing the game’s third-person combat, depicting various enemies and environments. Stray Blade will feature a full combat control system that allows for quick reactions and precision attacks, as well as boss battles in the form of God-Kings. After defeat, the player will be able to gather their powers and use them to their advantage.

The RPG will also have a full development system, and both the adventurer and the Boji will have separate skill trees. An adventurer is a seasoned warrior, and a Boji is a master who enriches his experience by finding ancient pieces of knowledge.

Stray Blade was first announced last year and is scheduled for release in 2022, although the 505 has been silent on development updates until now.

Those who are currently interested can sign up for the Stray Blade Beta and be among the first players to check out the RPG. All Beta testers will also be included in game credits. Fans can also switch to Steam and join the Wishlist , but the exact release date has yet to be confirmed.

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