Steps To Simplify Loan Payment For Naya Pakistan Housing Plan: Tarin

Steps To Simplify Loan Payment For Naya Pakistan Housing Plan: Tarin

Posted on March 8, 2022 |

A meeting on low-cost housing was held today at the Finance Department under the chairmanship of Federal Minister of Finance and Revenue Shevket Tari. Chairman of NAPHDA, Lieutenant General (ret.) Anwar Ali Hyder, SBP Governor, Dr. Reza Bagri and other high-ranking officials were present.

At this next meeting, the President shared the progress in NAPHDA’s low-cost housing offerings. Various issues arising in this context were resolved in consultation with the SBS. It was also shared that the lending banks’ awareness campaigns on housing loans continue.


The Minister of Finance has provided comprehensive monitoring of the performance of banks in this regard, in order to provide greater convenience to the public. Necessary steps are being taken to streamline the loan repayment process, along with greater access and transparency.

The governor shared that the SBP has a citizen feedback mechanism to inform the public and manage complaints. He also expressed concern about the banks’ cheap housing loans. The Minister of Finance took into account the situation and ensured the immediate elimination of legitimate concerns.

In conclusion, the President thanked the Federal Minister of NAPHDA for making it easier for NAPHDA to provide the masses with affordable, efficient and faster affordable housing.

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