Small Lands

Small Lands

Dear @ everyone want to announce a news! First of all, we are really happy and grateful to our community, so we do not stop improving our project.

As we said before, the most important thing for us is your security in the world of oil. With our copyright settings, we want to provide a safe haven for analytics and fraud alerts, supported and developed by the Fraud Advisor Company +.

Again, just in case … our main goals are security in VR and Metaverse and Mini Land, so we want to spend all the budget we get from the APP to build the Mini Land Project.

So let’s move on to concrete:

  1. We are trying to build our application on Magic Eden! Our next goal.
  2. We separate our entry cards into silver and gold
  • Silver – You will only get access to Solanart – Price: 0.75 left
  • Gold – Allows access to both markets – Price 1.5 Left
  1. FREE Silver Entry Cards will be issued to the first 50 Members and the White List.
  2. We open the next WL for everyone:
  • All people here will get 1 Castle for the price of Gold Access cards
  • Everyone here will be part of our Giveaway on March 14 with a Mini Land worth 10 sols.
  • Members who already have a Silver card can pay Gold Access cards for only 0.75 Sol. (The first 50 members in WL automatically become WL 2)
  • Some Gold Cards will be given to our community as gifts from WL and for FREE in March.
  1. All members on the white list participate in two Giveaways!
  • Free Mini-Terrein! (MARCH 14)
  1. Harmful Time for SILVER CARDS WILL be after the Solanart demo (in March).

Available WL points: 500

The rules for WL are the same.

  1. Invite 5 friends, we will check with comments – invite to the channel 🤖bot-commands
  2. Follow us on Twitter, like the post we closed with WL and follow RT

It is important!

All Mini Lands owners will automatically get a gold card + Mini Lands will get access to the APP themselves

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