squid game season 2

Season 2 of “Squid Game”

Everything we know: Plot, Release and writer’s thoughts about cast

Will we get a part 2?

squid game season 2
squid game season 2 and everything we know

If you were online last week, you’ve probably seen a TV fan talking about Netflix Squid Game. Found k-drama has taken the world by storm since its premiere on September 17 and has climbed to the top of the top 10 broadcasters in at least 66 countries. The gripping series features a deadly battle royale style game in which 456 people, all facing massive debts, stake their lives for a payout of $ 38 million.

While the wild premise draws millions of viewers, the expertly written characters and dilemmas of what you would do would make fans swap theories and watch similar shows. The show’s open ending also has rumors on the internet regarding a possible revival of the series. That’s all we know about a possible Squid Game Season 2.

Has Squid been renewed for a second season?

squid game season 2

Netflix has left no indication of whether or not it will renew its most popular K-drama of all time, but it has only been 10 days since it premiered. The streamer usually waits a few months to renew their programs in the US and there is less information about their international renewals to see a model.

That being said, Squid Game wouldn’t be the first Korean show to be remodeled by the streaming giant. The historic zombie drama Kingdom and the Romance of Love Alarm High School had a second season, and Kingdom even had a spin-off film that year.

If the series were to be extended, the anticipation of the premiere of season 2 would be great. Squid Game was first announced in 2019 and took two years to produce. Despite the most optimistic chronology, season 2 will probably not arrive until the beginning of 2023.

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What are the other versions of Squid Game?

The first season of Squid Game was a full game, paying 456 billion dollars to Seong Gi-hun (Lee Jung-jae). A year later, Gi-hun, the game will soon end when he dies (Gong Yoo), who recruits another player. After traveling to America, Gi-hun decides to stay in Korea towards the end of the campaign as a gang for everyone.

In the next round there will be fans, the history of Gi-hun will continue, and the winners with other collaborations will end this unforgettable multinational flashing game. Aside from the surviving Gi-hun, he’s all in the air. You can prove that politics has been added to your side after you had to wait until the 2nd half, or you can find some former players who may have dealt with their trauma or not, but took too long to become VIPs.

There is no guarantee that the next Korean game will be a rethink. Session 1 has seen that the next deadly game is played around the world, where people from many countries play their decision. Although the first sand games were first established in Korea, games from other countries could have been made for a long time, as Oh Il-nam (Oh Young-soo) was involved.

squid game season 2

What do you know about Squid Game?

squid game season 1

Manuscript author and instructor Hwang Dong-hyuk did an interview with Variety and concluded that when writing the first session was very difficult. Hwang has been making films in his career for many years, Squid being his first drama.

“I want to drink half a bottle of soy (Korean liquor) for that creative juicer. I can’t do it anymore,” he said. I took six days to write this first part and write improvements from my own presentation and their answers. “

Hwang continued, that he would not jump into another season. Instead, he told the media that he was able to sell it back to an optician, after working with 2 seasons.Variety reported that he recently worked on the film “KO Club”, an intergenerational war campaign.

“I haven’t fully completed the Squid Game 2 plan. It’s hard to achieve. But if I did, I wouldn’t do it myself. I would try to use a scribe and have more experience,” the instructor said. .