squid game madness

Schools Warn Over Squid Game Madness

Netflix’s squid game is voilent – students should not watch the violent series

Some schools have urged parents to ban their children from watching South Korean’s “violent” drama “Squid Game” after students were caught playing games from the show.

In the popular Netflix series, hundreds of cash participants take part in traditional Korean children’s games to win a life-changing cash prize. Those who do not hit a game will be executed.

Because of the bloody scenes schools are telling parents to monitor what their children are watching for fear that children are not playing their version of Squid Game in a way that suits their age.

Do you think kids can see “Squid Game”?

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If the series were to be extended, the anticipation of the premiere of season 2 would be great. Squid Game was first announced in 2019 and took two years to produce. Despite the most optimistic chronology, season 2 will probably…….

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  1. Ofcourse this series is harmful for kids minds. I think parents must restrict children from watching this show.

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