PM Imran calls on nation to participate in PTI's March 27 power show

PM Imran calls on nation to participate in PTI’s March 27 power show

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday invited the country to join the PTI demonstration in Islamabad’s March 27 Parade Square, urging the public to join it in “resisting the sharia.”

The Prime Minister began his message by quoting a verse from the Holy Quran. He noted that Muslims were told to “stand against good and evil.”

He added that the “gang” united to assess the “conscience” of members of the public, and these members of the public were “taken”.

“On March 27, I want the whole nation to send me a message: We are not for evil, we are against it. We are against crimes against democracy and the nation. People’s representatives are bought with looted money.”

Imran khan 27 march
Imran khan 27 march

“The whole country should know that from now on, no one can engage in the horse trade to the detriment of Pakistan and democracy,” he said.

The prime minister’s message comes at a time when the government is facing a no-confidence motion from the opposition. The speaker of the National Assembly, Assad Qayser, called on the lower house to discuss the opposition’s motion of no confidence in Prime Minister Imran on March 25 (tomorrow) at 11:00.

The prime minister was informed on Wednesday that the party’s allies had decided to side with the opposition and stepped up efforts by the ruling PTI to appease troubled coalition partners.

A government source told Dawn that Prime Minister Imran had learned at a meeting of the PTI’s Political Committee that his allies had decided to join the opposition camp and vote against him in a no-confidence motion.

The prime minister then sent high-ranking PTI leaders to meet with allied party leaders and assured them that their reservations would be taken into account. He hoped that the allies would return to government and support him in the National Assembly on election day.

When contacted by Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry, he claimed that the next 48 hours, when political uncertainty would be clarified, were “very important.” He hoped that the allies would not leave the prime minister at this difficult time.

Confident prime minister ‘he will make the last laugh,’ he says

Meanwhile, the self-confident Prime Minister Imran predicted that the opposition would win the vote of no confidence and that he would definitely make the last laugh, stating that there was still a “trump card” that would emerge at the right time.

“Let me confidently predict that we will succeed in the no-confidence movement, because all our parties and workers are with us like a stone, and even the threat of corruption and fierce disputes over the horse trade have come up. internal discussions, “the prime minister said on Wednesday while speaking to a group of reporters at the picturesque Prime Minister’s Office.

Why was Witness Benazir Bhutto, the PPP chairman and then prime minister, resigned in 1996, despite having at least a 33 percent share of the vote in national politics?

However, with PTI, this was a completely different story, as the employees stood firmly next to their leaders. Instead, more and more people are joining the party, he added, adding that no “political animal” can resist such public opinion.

Wearing a traditional white trouser suit with a red rosary in his right hand, the prime minister recalled how Pakistan won the World Cup in 1992, despite being the weakest cricket team in the world, because the captain was confident of victory from the start. He said the opposition had already exposed all its cards under intense pressure, but no one knew what the government had prepared for them.

The prime minister acknowledged that lawmakers from the ruling party had been “openly ambushed” or “threatened” by leaving the PTI-led government, but without elaborating on the “trump card”, he said there were many options that would one day be made public. before voting or two.

He said the growing public opinion in his favor would only increase on March 27, when the PTI government will hold its largest public rally in Islamabad. According to him, the government’s allies are also carefully measuring the flow. He warned all MPs that it will be very difficult to face the anger of the people, regardless of those who oppose the government.

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