Pakistan has received 1st batch of pfizer doses from COVAX

Pfizer in Pakistan

Pakistan receives first dose of Pfizer vaccine
Islamabad receives 100,000 doses under the COVAX program

Pfizer vaccine 1st batch arrived in Pakistan

Karachi, Pakistan

Authorities said on Saturday that Pakistan received the first shipment of more than 100,000 vaccines with Pfizer vaccine at its COVAX facility, which aims to help poor countries fight the pandemic.

“More than 100,000 (106,000) doses of Pfizer vaccine have arrived in Pakistan via Covax. Pfizer diluents and syringes will arrive in the next two days. The vaccine will be used by the Pakistani government during the COVID19 vaccination campaign,” UNICEF said. … in a tweet.

This is the second vaccine delivery under the World Health Organization programme.

Islamabad received more than 1.2 million doses of AstraZeneca vaccine earlier this month.

Another transport with 1,236 thousand strikes is likely to arrive in the country in the coming days.

Pakistan is expected to receive a total of 17.2 million doses through the COVAX facility.

So far, the South Asian country has approved the emergency use of five vaccines – Sinopharm in China, CanSino and Sinovac, AstraZeneca of the UK and Sputnik of Russia.

It also started locally with the production of the CanSino vaccine in China.

Currently, only 6 million people out of 207 million people have been vaccinated.

Last week, the government opened registration for vaccinating people over the age of 19.

The total number of viruses in the country reached 916,239 people, 20,680 died.

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