Overcoming separation - together

Overcoming separation – together

The partnership between Sandvik and Cisco Systems is a compatibility created in the mining paradise and brings productivity and safety improvements to underground mines everywhere.

The future of the mine is digital. Innovations such as automation and data analytics have been shown to improve safety, productivity and sustainability management in the mining industry. A survey of mining companies by EY, a professional services company, found that 84 percent of respondents “consider owning, using or overuse digital technology as part of their day-to-day work.”

However, wanting to digitize your operations and completing the task successfully and safely are two separate issues, and it is important that mining companies develop a clear approach to address this gap.

With a pre-integrated and tested solution, customers will benefit from accelerated placement time and reduced risk.

It is under these conditions that the two global leaders have established a partnership in their fields. Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology provides its customers with equipment and data to increase security and productivity with the most advanced automated and digital mining solutions. Cisco Systems, a world leader in IoT communication solutions and network technology, has the expertise, expertise and tools to provide a reliable and secure underground network. It was a match made in a mining paradise.

Combining Skills

Jarkko Ruokojärvi, Global Automation Business Development Manager at Sandvik, said: “When you look at mining operations, especially underground mining, you will need the experience of both companies to make these operations more efficient and secure.” “Our partnership has successfully combined mining automation solutions and digital applications with a strong and reliable connection that allows different resources to communicate and interact with each other.”

This is a classic example of an IT / OT approach that combines the integration of information technology systems used for data-based computing with the operating technology systems used to track events, events, and processes. Cisco’s approved design provides an architecture that provides a robust, reliable, and secure network for Sandvik’s automated equipment to operate.

“Cisco offers the safest and most reliable IoT portfolio on the market. With a pre-integrated and tested solution, customers will benefit from accelerated placement time and reduced risk. “This is a win-win situation, because it benefits not only our two companies, but most importantly the customer,” said Charles Ferriera, Cisco’s Design-In Partnership Manager.

Strong Network Offering Powerful Equipment

Over the past year, the partnership has brought security, productivity and cost-effectiveness to customers. Take AutoMine® from Sandvik, for example. It offers autonomous and remote control of underground mining equipment to ensure these advantages. AutoMine requires a strong network connection to run freely. In the future, further digitization of mines will see an expansion from small private networks to mine-scale networks to ensure overall optimization of processes.

Ken Vanthielen, Cisco IoT’s head of business development, says: “In the past, if you only had to use an underground laptop, you could use any network.” “Now all your mining operations are connected to this network, so it is extremely important that the network is safe and reliable.

The partnership provides customers with a high level of knowledge about communication technologies and automation applications, as both companies and their solutions work together to solve customer problems.

Cisco Systems
Founded in 1984 by Stanford University computer scientists Leonard Bosak and Sandy Lerner, Cisco Systems is an American multinational technology company. Cisco specializes in the design, manufacture and sale of network equipment, software, telecommunications equipment and other high-tech services and products.

Another such solution, Sandvik OptiMine®, collects and analyzes data to help customers see what is happening and make informed decisions in real time. By providing short-range control, customers can measure what all their resources are doing and adjust the process accordingly to make production more efficient.

“This type of software must have a connection to access real-time data transmission between different types of data sources,” says Ruokojärvi. “Customer costs per ton are reduced by minimizing delays and using time more efficiently.”

Increased security

Then there are security benefits. Combining solutions such as digitization technology and proximity detection with strong connections between people, equipment, and various types of resources minimizes accidents. And in the worst-case scenario, it requires an easy-to-connect network to send a message to everyone or coordinate recovery efforts during an emergency.

The two companies only outlined what the partnership could do for customers. As the value of automation and digitization technologies is better understood by the industry, both companies are deliberately formulating joint proposals to adapt to different customer scenarios in terms of mining methods and practices and life cycle stages of operations.

“There’s a lot of room for our partnership to grow,” Vanthielen says. “We started from scratch with an underground network and have now moved to pre-integrated solutions with Design-In Cisco technology on Sandvik equipment. There are still many ways we can explore to enrich the value proposition. ”

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