muslim baby girl names

Muslim Baby Names with meanings

A new baby is such a joy. They are a perfect image of the majesty and faithfulness of Allah.

Browse through our  muslim boy and girl names from the Quran to choose your little one’s perfect name. Our updated A- muslim baby names collection is given below.

A’dabGirlHope and need
A’idahGirlVisiting, returning; reward
A’liGirlExaulted, noble, highest social standing
A’malGirlHopes, aspirations
AabanBoyName of the angel
AabidBoyOne who is a true worshipper of Allah
AabidahGirlThe meaning of the name Aabidah is Worshipper of Allah.
AadabGirlHope and need
AadeelBoyIt means ‘just’ or ‘upright’
AadhilBoyA person who is virtuous with excellent character. Aadhil also means one whose actions are just and fair.
AadilaGirlOne who is righteous and high in moral
AadroopBoyAadroop means embodiment of the Sun
AafiyaGirlOne who is a picture of perfect health.
AafshaGirlthe woman who is powerful and complete
AaftabBoyIt is used to mean the brilliance of the Sun
AaghaaGirlThe name Aaghaa means chief or leader
AailaGirlBeautiful,attractive and charming.
AaimaGirlOne who leads
AaishaGirlLively ; womanly
AakifahGirlOne who is completely dedicated to Allah
AaliaGirlExalted; highest social standing
AalimBoya man of wise learning
AaliyaGirlHigh; tall; towering; excellent
AalliyahGirlAn ascender ; one having the highest social standing
AamaalGirlHopes; aspirations
AamanBoyThe man who protects with no fear
AaminahGirlPeace and harmony
AamirBoyPopulous, full, prosperous
AamiraGirlA princess ; one who commands
AamirahGirlA princess ; one who commands
AanisahGirlGood natured one
AaqilBoyA wise and intelligent person
AaqilBoyOne who is wise and intelligent
AarifBoyAcquainted, knowledgable
AarisBoyThe brave character who stands up for his faith and belief
AarizBoyRespectable man,intelligent
AasmaGirlThe Arabic origin name means ‘precious”sky”excellent’.
AasmaaGirlExcellent; precious
AbaanBoyName of eighth month of Persian calendar; Clear, eloquent
AbanBoy8th month of Persian calendar; Clear, eloquent
AbbasBoyDescription of a lion
AbdallaBoyA servant of god
AbdallahBoyA servant of god
AbdalrahmanBoyServant of the merciful one
AbdarBoyGlittering with water; wealthy
AbdelBoyServant (of allah)
AbdellahBoyA servant of god
Abdu LrazzadBoyHe who obeys his provider
Abdu- RashidBoyThe one who serves his teacher
AbdulBoyServant of God
Abdul AdilBoyServant of ‘The One’ who acts justly; Servant of ‘the One’ who is fair, honest and just
Abdul HakeemBoyA servant of Allah who helps  people and is a pious servant of God.
Abdul HaqqBoyOne who serves the truth
Abdul MajeedBoyA gracious servant of Allah
Abdul MatinBoyA devotee who serves the most powerful and strong Allah
Abdul MuhayminBoyIt is an Islamic name that means slave of Allah
Abdul MuqaddemBoyIt is  one of the names of Allah’s and Abdul Muqaddem implies slave of the Almighty Allah
Abdul MuqtadirBoyA person who assists a powerful and strong person
Abdul MusawwirBoyMusawwir stands for Servant of the most powerful Allah
Abdul MutaaliBoyA gracious servant of Allah
Abdul MuzanniBoyName of the narrator of Hadith
Abdul NasserBoyHe is known to be the Servant Of The Victorious One
Abdul QawiBoyA strong devotee of the Mighty Islam
Abdul RasheedBoyServant of the one who correctly guide
Abdul RashidBoySlave of the all right-minded personality
Abdul SalaamBoyA great personality who helps the peaceful and calm one
Abdul SameeBoyHe who voice can be heard by the God
Abdul SattarBoyHe who serves the protector of man
Abdul TawaabBoyHe who serves the forgiving God
Abdul WadudBoyA loving servant of his God
Abdul WahhabBoyOne who serves master well and sincerely
Abdul WakilBoyIt means an act of serving God
Abdul WaliBoyThe servant or slave of the comrade
Abdul WaseeBoyA servant who understands and does work in a comprehensive manner
Abdul-adheemBoyOne who serves the Greatest Power
Abdul-AlimBoyServant of the omniscient
Abdul-AliyyBoyServant of the most high
Abdul-AzeezBoyServant of the mighty,the powerful
Abdul-AzimBoyServant of the mighty
Abdul-AzizBoyServant of the powerful one
Abdul-baaqiBoyServant of the everlasting God
Abdul-BaariBoyServant of the creator
Abdul-BariBoyServant of the creator
Abdul-BasitBoyServant of the extender
Abdul-FattahBoyServant of the opener (of the gates of sustenance)
Abdul-GhaffarBoyServant of the forgiver
Abdul-GhafoorBoyServant of the forgiver
Abdul-HaafizBoyServant of the protector
Abdul-HadiBoyServant of the guide
Abdul-HafizBoyServant of the protector
Abdul-HakamBoyServant of the arbitrator
Abdul-HakimBoyServant of the wise one
Abdul-HalimBoyServant of the mild, patient one

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