money heist season 5

Money Heist season 5 Ratings and Review

The show has garnered audience attention after its release and after 2 days reviews and ratings are pouring out by critics and viewers.

So far it got 60% of the ratings by audience. According to Rotten Tomato

money hesit season 5 ratings

Cast and Crew of Money Heist season 5

Money Heist season 5 cast


S1 to S3 was awesome. so cleaver and really well planed. S4 started to drop its standard. and S5 was the most disappointing end to what could have been the best show ever made! seemed like it was made during COVID-19 by people all being paid to work from home, who clearly wanted to drink and not really work to say… such a shame.


Had a fun time laughing at some of the stupidest scenes I’ve ever seen. Those laughs deserve a whole star! 


I guess they thought that how could we ruin the series in the final season? everyone can use heavy weapons. everyone is a hero. everyone is a commando. unfortunately this series is so overrated because of hype.SHOW LESS


This is prolly the most stupidest this show has ever gotten. Everything in this first part of season 5 is absolute dogpoop. The writing is atrocious. The action scenes are beyond parody and laughably bad. The whole Berlin flashbacks with his son in Denmark had zero connection nor resemblance to the main plot so this just confuses anyone with a brain as to how why they should care about those scenes. Sierra’s water breaking at the most convenient time for the Professor (lazy writing) and her just joining the team I guess cliché. The so-called “Elite” military team being more incompetent than blind disabled stormtroopers also really broke any resemblance of immersion and suspension I felt during my viewing. The dialogue is utterly pretentious at best. Some lines feel really out of place and just forced by Netflix. I have absolutely no problem at all with representation but it’s executed so awfully that it comes off as preachy and unnatural. The core-essence of this show has been slowly but steadily being destroyed after season 2 with season 5 being the nail in the coffin. Don’t have much hope left for the remaining 5 episodes. They could be the works of Mozart himself or the reincarnation of Jesus for all I care it won’t help cover up the damage that has been done to this show already. The show should have stopped after season 2.


Yeah, they probably should have stopped the show after part 4. It was entertaining and good special effects, but kind of ‘messy’ and preachy compared to the other parts. There were a couple of scenes where I was like, wait, is this a joke or are they seriously having this conversation right now. Maybe I was expecting too much. Worth watching if you’ve already seen the other parts.


Money Heist is back with another solidly entertaining season, filled with great characters, exciting action sequences, and spot-on emotion. Despite a fair share of redundant and repetitive sequences, it makes for a fun watch.


Fans bid farewell to Tokyo in this season.

Tokyo of money heist died in season 5

Fans were disheartened with her death and expressed their emotions in a number of tweets. One Twitter user said, “Tokyo used to be selfish and reckless. But tonight, we saw a different version of her who thought about the group more than herself. Money Heist just surprises us every time but it fucking hurts.”

Another demanded a miniseries portraying Tokyo’s past life. A fan tweeted, “Berlin, Nairobi, & Tokyo may forget how they lived, but their legacies will always be remembered..”

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