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Is Apple watch 7 worth buying?

Watch OS7 features, price and details.

Major features include

Family Setup

With Family Setup, kids or older family members who don’t have an iPhone can now experience Apple Watch. An iPhone controls everything
Family settings give you the opportunity to pair up with children and older family members with your iPhone. Everyone can get a phone number, and you can use the Apple Watch app on your iPhone to use it every time.

family set up feature in iPhone watch 7

Custom Memoji App.

Cowboy hats, eyebrows, vampire fangs. Family members can enjoy Memogi as much as they want and tag them in messages or make their own watch face.

custom memoji app

Activity improved for children.

The activity ring is redesigned for children and tracks a few minutes of exercise instead of active calories. Exercises such as running, walking and cycling calculate more accurately aspects such as children’s distance and speed.

Phone watch feature

The rules are yours

You can approve downloaded links and apps. You can schedule a school time feature to limit the Apple Watch feature that allows family members to focus.

schedule making feature

Learn more, worry else.

Family members can share their location in the Find Me app. Be careful when relatives and older children return home or are not at the expected location.

location tracking feature in iPhone watch 7

Face to make yourself

There are many different watches you can try, from fun to functional. There are more ways than ever to customize your face with color and complexity.

customized face for watch screen.

Sleep mode

The clock turns on automatically when you go to bed and you don’t have to worry, it keeps your screen awake.

sleep mode feature in iPhone watch 7

Sleep schedule

See a sleep analysis chart every morning that shows you how much sleep you’ve had in the past week

sleep chart analysis feature in iPhone watch 7

Sleep tracking

The Apple Watch uses an accelerometer to detect subtle breathing movements and tell the difference between sleep and waking.

sleep tracking feature is to track sleep hours

Charge or Uncharge

If your battery is less than 30% before going to bed, you will be reminded to charge it. If you charge after waking up, you will receive an iPhone notification when it reaches 100%.

charging feature

Sleep in the health app.

On the iPhone, you can modify your sleep schedule, watch sleep trends over time, and see how consistently you are meeting your sleep goals.

feature for scheduling sleep hours

Bicycle on the map.

The ideal time to ride a bike is when your watch is on your wrist. The maps now have instructions for cyclists only.

cycling through cycling location tracker

Bicycle roads.

Get on the map with altitude changes, bike lanes and busy roads.

Route options.

Choose the one that suits you: the fastest, the shortest or.

Search along the way.

If you need a pick-up or a stop, find a nearby cafe, such as a motorcycle shop, and add it to your itinerary.

Wash your hands

Keeping your hands clean has never been more important. With Watch OS 7, the Apple Watch automatically detects when you start washing and helps you follow the times set by the World Health Organization.

handwash updates in iPhone watch 7

Automatic recording

Using a motion sensor and microphone, the Apple Watch automatically detects hand washing and sets a 20-second timer.

Home reminder

The Apple Watch reminds you to wash your hands when you get home.

Siri translation

Now you can get comments from Siri. Lift your wrist and say, “How do you say hello in Japanese?” Ask is as easy as asking.

siri translation feature in iPhone 7 watch

Translation language

The Apple Watch series can be translated into 10 languages.

Apple’s new smartwatch could arrive in September along with the iPhone AirPods 3 for the 13th edition of the tech giant. While we don’t have official details about the upcoming Apple Watch, rumors have already started. Apple said in its recent Power On Gourmet newsletter that it wouldn’t be a surprise if the expensive Titanium model for the Apple Watch 6, starting at $ 799, was phased out, as it had been with ceramic and real gold models before. .

The Apple Watch Series 7 may have an improved design.

The new smartwatch is loaded by the new WW-infected Watch OS 8 software. According to rumors, the new watch could be an interesting upgrade to last year’s Apple Watch series for, which Apple used in a virtual program in September 2020. Apple has also launched more affordable mid-range smartwatches than last year: the Apple Watch SE, the mid-range watch of the year.

Release Date: We’ll probably see the Apple Watch 7 in September.

Analyst Ming-chi predicted last year that the new design of the Apple Watch would arrive in the second half of 2021, so we are sure it will be the next generation Apple Watch; We don’t know exactly when. We have nothing more to report on a release date for the Apple Watch 7, but we expect the new device to be unveiled at Apple’s fall event, possibly due to rumors. IPhone 13.

Apple always introduces new smartwatch models in mid-September each year. Also in 2020, when the coronavirus epidemic triggered virtual product announcements and caused supply chain disruptions, the launch of the Apple iPhone 12 was delayed by a month and the Apple Watch appeared during an online event on the Apple Watch Series and SE on September 15.

The biggest buzz around the Apple Watch Series 7 is this level.

Cost: The price of the Apple Watch 7 is likely to be similar to that of the Series 6.

Apple’s previous three watch models were priced at $ 3 at the dollar, increasing the number of times over time, and increasing the number of times and numbers. Increase time and value for business and increase value. (The Apple Watch SE differs from the traditional $ 3 price tag, which starts at 27 227, the SE model is Apple’s “affordable” smartwatch, which means it sacrifices bells and whistles … to save on costs.) Apple See Series 6 for introductory reference values

While we haven’t heard any credible rumors about the cost of the Apple Watch 7, we expect Apple to launch the next generation model at the same price as around ३ 399. ‘Hardware upgrades or new features on the horizon that don’t see a bargain price guarantee.

Design and color: The wide-eyed green Apple Watch 7 looks good

Liquor Zone Processor (rumored to be somehow public) has claimed an image of the Apple Watch of the “core design concept” of the dress. About a year ago, Kuo predicted a “significant design change” for the Apple Watch 2021. The Apple Watch 7 could be a new green color.

The Apple Watch 7 is a rumored new green, compare it to Apple’s green alternative to the AirPods Max headset processor, which has been in use for many years. Series 6 is available in silver, gray, gold, blue and red (aluminum). Silver, graphite and gold (steel) and titanium and black (titanium) colors. The Apple Watch 7 processor offers red, blue, black and silver as well as green and green, but we do not know if Apple will release these real colors.

In terms of content, the Apple series titanium version can get rid of the model. In his latest Power One newsletter, Gorman said he was not surprised by the very expensive version of Titanium, where the Apple Watch started at $ 99. On the back, Apple has introduced ceramic and genuine gold models.

Battery life: Charging the Apple Watch can take more than 24 hours.

One of the biggest and most common complaints about the Apple Watch, especially compared to competitors’ smart watches and fitness trackers like the FitBit, is the short battery life. CNET’s Scott Stein said the Apple Watch is the “last dead” competitor in battery life, so if you want to use its slide feature (a new feature in the Watch OS), the battery needs to be charged daily. Yes. need

If battery life is significantly improved, Apple Watch 7 could change Apple’s rules of the game. The last three models are equipped with an 18-hour battery life series 6, which houses 2,265 m mAh battery. We have not heard any specific rumors about the battery specifications of the 7 Series, but we have heard that it may have a small double-sided S7 chip that can free up space — for whom? -Large battery.

Health Feature: Will the Apple Watch 7 Really Be a Blood Glucose Monitor?

fitness feature in apple watch 7

Blood glucose measurement will be a good addition to the Apple Watch, but do not hold your breath due to rumors. Apple has developed new sensors to measure Apple Watch users’ interest in new features, one of which is to monitor blood sugar. But then a report from Bloomberg almost shattered those dreams. While the new sensor is likely to be added to the future iteration of Apple’s smartwatch, it’s unlikely to switch to Series 7, or it may not be Apple’s 2022 watch model.

Samsung announced a new non-invasive blood glucose monitoring technology last year. Although we have not yet determined when and where this technology will be implemented, the Galaxy Watch 4, which was launched this summer, may be the first to debut. Apple’s competitors have a history of quickly revealing new features, so the Apple Watch blood glucose sensor in 2022 or 202 will not be a big surprise, but it will matter to iOS users with diabetes.

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