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The art of never being late

The art to never being late?

why punctuality is important? it will make you loyal. it will make you trustworthy. It increases self confidence. It boosts your self discipline. It will show your respect for others. Being late steals your chances or opportunities. Being late will ruin your career.

child labor in many countries is still a problem unresolved

Children living in Poverty

most of the miners are forced to work on family farms, fishing and hunting, and farming in poor rural forests. However, many other children will have to make a living by working in manufacturing and other industries. 7 out of 10 working children do not have time to go to school because they have to work more than 49 hours every week. Many children in Laos are victims of physical and sexual abuse. Over the years, large numbers of twentieth-century girls and young women in Laos have been trafficked into neighboring China in the guise of working in brothels or becoming wives.

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