FBR 22 FY Collects Most Taxes Through Imports July-February

The Federal Revenue Council (FBR) collected 52.2 percent of the total tax collection in July-February (2021-22) without any effort from the tax mechanism.

A senior government official told Propakistani that the FBR’s total tax collection from imports in the first eight months of the current fiscal year was 52.2 percent. The remaining 47.8% of tax collection came from domestic sources and local sales / materials.


FBR data confirm that import duties, such as customs duties, surcharges (ACDs), regulatory duties (RDs), sales taxes and import duties, and Federal Excise Duties, contributed to significant revenue collection in 2021-22. . Percentage of total fees, ie 52.2 percent, is obtained from imports without the efforts of tax authorities, such as the creation of tax claims, table checks or calculations.

Despite the government’s efforts to suppress imports, the percentage of import duties has been raised from 50 percent to 52.2 percent, the official said.

According to the FBR, domestic revenue collection increased by 29.0 percent from July 2021 to February 2022, gaining Rs. Against 3.177 billion rubles. In the same period last year, $ 2.463 billion was collected.

In addition, Pakistan Customs successfully continued its growth trajectory by accumulating Rs. 622 billion against Rs. In the same period last year, 454 billion.

The net collection for February 2022 was implemented by Rs. This is an increase of 28.3 percent compared to 443 billion Rs. In February 2021, 345 billion was collected. FBR Rs exceeded the set monthly income target. Rs 441 billion. In February 2022, it represents an increase of 443 billion rupees. 2 billion

FBR Rs net income. The current 2021-22 Fiscal Year from July 2021 to February 2022 exceeded the target of 3.799 billion Rs. 3.531 billion, reflecting an increase of 268 billion rupees.

This is an increase of about 30.3 percent compared to the collection of Rs. In the same period last year, 2.916 billion.

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