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Diablo Immortal is a free-to-play, massively multiplayer online action role-playing video game developed by Blizzard Entertainment and Net Ease. An installment in the Diablo series, it is set between the events of Diablo II and Diablo III. Players choose and control a character class — Barbarian, Wizard, Monk, Necromancer, Demon Hunter, or Crusader — who must locate and destroy hidden shards of the Worlds tone to prevent the Lord of Damnation, Skarn, from destroying the world of Sanctuary.

Development of Diablo Immortal began with the aim of creating a Diablo game for those who predominantly played on mobile. The game incorporates a business model which allows players to unlock content through microtransactions, though all content can also eventually be obtained through playing.

Diablo Immortal’s announcement on BlizzCon in 2018 was met with a huge negative reaction from Diablo fans waiting for a part designed for PC. It was released on Android and iOS systems on June 2, 2022, and the beta for Windows was released on the same date. The game received mixed reviews with definitions for combat, graphics, and Diablo’s mobile adaptation, while criticism focused on the plot, sound, and microtransactions of the game. The lowest user-rated game on Metacritic in response to microtransactions and improvements system.

Diablo Immortal is a free multiplayer online (MMO) action role-playing game (ARPG) originally designed to be played on mobile devices. This is the only online game that requires an internet connection during the game. The game also has a cross-saving feature that links the player’s progress to the Battlenet account and allows it to continue on multiple devices.

The fast-paced, arcade-like Immortal has many game similarities to Diablo III (eg, destructive environments); but Diablo III’s lively style of play preserves the tone. The game is a game of Diablo II. It has an isometric graphic style common to games in the series.

Most of the game’s activities are designed for small sizes (Blizzard recommends dungeons for an average of 10-15 minutes and shorter activities for 1-5 minutes, although as in previous games), mobile games are so widespread that they are suitable for shorter gaming sessions; but unlike many games in the mobile space where you can play for free, Immortal does not have an “energy” system that limits the duration of the game. free play time is available.

Players can create one or more characters to use in the game. When creating a character, players choose one of six game classes: Barbarian, Magician, Monk, Necromancer, Demon Hunter, and Crusader, each with 12 unlockable abilities (the player chooses five to use simultaneously). For example, the Barbarian class’s skills include hitting a hammer and turning into a hurricane, while the Wizard’s skills include an electric beam that returns to its source and damages it twice. “Charms” can also be acquired in the game and can be equipped to further increase the effectiveness of skills and change how they work. Unlike previous games in the series, Immortal has a “Class Change” system where players can change an existing character’s class and get a new set of “appropriate” elements without resetting their progress (although it focuses on a specific class). as a result, it can provide advantages such as wider game styles).

The game is designed primarily for touch screen devices, and has virtual controls that fill the screen: joystick and skill buttons. Skills have automatic targeting (usually the closest enemy), but the player can manually target each skill by holding the appropriate key. Some skills are also “loaded” when you press a button, increasing statistics such as damage and impact area. Alternatively, players can control the game using the connected gamepad: movement and targeting are controlled by analog sticks; attacks, potions and interactions are controlled by front buttons; and skills are activated using top buffers and triggers (but these packages can be changed in game settings). When played with a mouse and keyboard, Immortal supports movement using WASD keys (the first in the series for PC games) and allows one-handed movement using the mouse, as well as battle-based commands.

Unlike previous games in the Diablo series, mana and other class resources have been removed from Immortal in favor of a skill-based cooling system (typically a cooling time of 8-12 seconds). The attack will also fill the character’s “Ultimate meter”; when filled, this reinforces the character’s main offensive advantages for a limited period of time and allows the use of more powerful attacks.

In addition to the game’s main story missions, other activities include random missions that occur during reconnaissance, “rewards” (such as defeating certain enemies or making certain items), and “challenges” (randomly created, increasingly time-limited dungeons). difficulty levels) and “old cracks.” Ancient cracks are similar to challenge cracks, but can be replaced by “coats of arms” for more rewards.

Character development

Through the game, the characters gain experience points that allow them to raise the level. Characters become stronger as they level up, gain new skills, and increase the strength of existing skills. Each character class has its own development system.

When a player’s character reaches the level of the game (initially 60 levels, but Blizzard announced plans to increase it later), they can earn additional “paragon levels” that can be invested. one of four categories (each has a 100-level skill tree): Survivor (increased chances of survival), Treasure Hunter (increased probability of finding gold and other in-game items), Vanquisher (increased combat effectiveness against non-player enemies). ) and Gladiator (increased chances of finding other in-game items). Increased the effectiveness of combat against players). Blizzard said he planned to add extra paragon trees to the game after the first release. High levels of excellence can also cause players to find higher statistical elements than basic versions.

looting system

Defeated enemies and opened treasure chests receive items (“loot”), and NPCs sell similar items for in-game gold. Some loot is also specific to certain enemies. These items can be provided via a pop-up button or the game’s inventory screen. Such equipment can also be enhanced by adding “stones” and using a “rank” system that uses materials saved from other items to make the game’s “rare” and “legendary” level items more effective. allows you to invest resources from one item to another, even before a certain item is obtained. Once the legendary level stone reaches level 10, it can be used to “awaken” the added element, resulting in increased bonuses and new skin (like flame or energy vortices). Players can use the extra legendary stones to “resonate” with others, increasing both their bonuses and their cosmetic effects.

Players can also pick up items that are part of the set and sourced from a specific location. Unlike other Diablo games, the set elements in Immortal consist of six secondary types (hands, feet, neck, back, and two rings). If players are able to get a suitable set of threes or sixes, these elements provide additional bonuses for general, non-class benefits such as treatment and speed of movement.

In addition to the elements that change character statistics, the game also offers purely cosmetic items that can be equipped to change the character’s appearance without making any game changes. Some cosmetic products can be opened free of charge for certain groups by increasing the “Domination” stats to certain levels.

The game also has a cross-player “market place” where players can buy and sell supplies and gems; however, the market does not allow the purchase or exchange of equipment that must be acquired through gaming to prevent the recurrence of controversial issues from the “auction house” feature in Diablo III.


Helliquary is an unlocked function based on level 45. Players gain the ability to hunt, trap, and then defeat “boss demons” (each with a recommended attack and defense rating) as part of an 8-player attack. Defeating these enemies gives players trophies and permanent character bonuses that they can place in Helliquary. The development team plans to introduce a new cartridge to the game each month.

In Legacy of the Horadrim, players are rewarded for completing certain in-game achievements with “ships”. These elements can be added to the tomb at the bottom of Westmarch to unlock character bonuses. Near the temple is a dungeon that can be cleaned every day to upgrade ships to gain additional bonuses.

multiplayer activities

MMO features

Although all of Immortal’s main activities can be completed by one player in the style of other MMO games, players can face each other during reconnaissance and create “Battle Squads” [2 out of 8 players] “Dynamic events” to play together Some high-level in-game dungeons are specifically designed to be co-managed by four players. Players can also encounter each other by chance as they explore the world of the game. These game elements are similar to Blizzard’s long-running MMO World of Warcraft. The game also offers voice chat features that allow players to connect with a wider group of players, both through other members of their party and through “public” channels. Immortal also has clans to bring together larger player groups.

Supports Immortal cross-platform game; however, players must be on the same in-game server to interact, and their server choice cannot be changed later.

Player battle against player

In addition to cooperative multiplayer elements, the game also has competitive PVP features. For example, in some areas of the game, there are treasure chests that are reborn over time and can only be opened by the last player standing in the area. Other PVP features are Battlefield: 8v8 mode, player ranking system, and teams that accompany the team’s “Ancient Heart” and “Violent Idols”

“Conflict period

Cycle of Strife is an optional PVP system available to all players who have reached the “final game” stage of Immortal. Each of the game’s servers allows up to 500 players in the Immortals group, but an unlimited number of players can be selected as part of the Shadows group. This feature is completely optional for players; Players who do not participate within a certain period are called “Adventurers” who are not affiliated with either faction.

Shadow players try to move existing Immortal players by changing their clans to “Dark Clans” and participating in Shadow activities. Unlike Shadows, Immortals players also have certain activities. For example, Immortal players can participate in the game “Kion’s Ordeal”: four groups of 48, 12 players fight with four cartridges at the same time. The prizes won by Kion’s Ordeal players from the big cracks are added to the box distributed to Immortals players every week. Shadow events include Raid the Vault, which 4 players try to steal from Immortals’ safe (it starts with a PVE game until the Immortals send players to defend the warehouse).

Located in Westmarch and visible to all players, the Wall of Honor details the achievements of all Immortal faction leaders and their four lieutenants.

When the shadows reach a sufficient level of progress, it will trigger the “Rite of Exile” in which the Dark Clans fight each other. The winners of the Exile Rites advance to the Battle of the Immortals, where the best player of the Immortals becomes a boss (with uniquely powerful abilities in this form) and must fight the top 30 Shadow players in the top 30. against format 1. If the immortal player defeats all 30 Shadows, the structure of these fractions remains unchanged; However, if the Shadows win, all 30 players will be resurrected and they will have to fight each other in a battle grand piano game to determine which Dark Clan will become the new Immortal faction (the winner becomes the new best Immortal, all the other players in “Adventurer”). will be awarded the title. returned), a new era is now beginning.

The rounds are expected to last between one and three months.


Occurs in the Sanctuary world of the Immortal series, part of the Diablo series, 5 years after the events of Diablo II, but before Diablo III. The players begin their adventures in Wortham, threatened by believers and the dead. They learn from the repetitive Diablo character Deckard Cain that they must find and destroy parts of Worlds tone in the shrine world to prevent a catastrophe that threatens the world. damn it.

The journey continues to areas such as Westmarch City (the game’s main venue for trade and social activities), Ashworld Cemetery, Dark Wood, the Chassis Sea, . . Mount Zavain (the site of the Holy Land Monastery) and the Frozen Tundra (the site of barbarian tribes).

Other aspects of the plot of the game focus on the conflict between the “Immortals” (a group dedicated to the protection of the shrine) and the “Shadows” (a secret group created to test the Immortals), known as the “Accident Period”. . In the words of the game’s leading designer Scott Shicoff:

“A long time ago there was a powerful man named Builder Daedessa … he wanted to protect the shrine from the devil’s invasion, but he was not a warrior. However, he was a master craftsman and created a powerful artifact called the Eternal Crown. He gave it to his son Kiona. … and commissioned him to form a group whose sole purpose was to protect the Temple from the Burning Hells. Kion took this powerful artifact and created a protective group called the Immortals.

Daedessa knew that power, especially such power, could lead to waste and corruption, even for the best or well-meaning people like her son. Thus, he gave his daughter Akebay a secret heavy burden. It was Akeba’s job to ensure that the immortals were never flattered or hesitated. As accused, they were always worthy and capable of defending the Temple. Thus, working in secret, Akeba found enough courage to help him constantly test the immortals and challenge them. They would look for cracks and vulnerabilities and do their best to make sure the Sanctuary’s elite defenders were always ready for the task. He called the group Shadows.

“And if the Shadows proved to be stronger and more capable, they would overthrow the present dominion and accept the Eternal Crown as the new Immortals. Of course, they resulted in Akeba being the next Immortal. But Akeba could never be so comfortable because he rose, new Shadows’ He knew that he would always rise to make sure he was worthy of his position, and thus the Age of Conflict was born. ”

Business model


Although free to play, Immortal has in-game microtransactions that use real-world currencies. Blizzard stated that these actions were optional and were not required to access any aspect of the game. According to Diablo general manager Rod Fergusson, “You can play every aspect of this game for free. You can play the whole campaign for free, you can play Raids and Debate Period and everything for free, new zones, dungeons, and a new character for free after launch.” classes. support. ” The” platinum “currency of the in-game market can be played for free and obtained through the sale of materials or in-game purchases (but there is no option to convert it to a non-game currency). Some cosmetic products can also be obtained through microtransactions.

Other in-game purchases, such as the “blessing of abundance” (with a fixed monthly limit), can also be used to obtain in-game currency “eternal spheres” and “legendary symbols”. Rift dungeons (such as “legendary gems” to upgrade equipment) are used to increase the amount and rarity of rewards earned. The legendary deception system is classified as a “trophy box” process due to the random nature of its rewards.

Combat switching system

In addition to level-based improvements, there is the Battle Ticket reward system, which provides significant experience points in the game and is a way to accelerate character development (especially during end-of-game content after players reach a level). The battle is over. , improvements by completing events such as awards, dungeons, and cracks. This depends on the seasons in which both free and paid levels are available and the paid level focuses on additional opportunities to earn in-game currencies.

Blizzard confirmed that seasons which encourage players to create a new character each time (as seen in Diablo III) are not planned for Immortal, which will focus instead on the concept of players retaining a single long-term character.


Initial development

Immortal was co-produced by Blizzard Entertainment and Net Ease, the latter being Blizzard’s partner for publications in the Chinese market. Blizzard aimed to bring the basic Diablo experience to the smartphone platform and made interface design choices to make the experience more environmentally friendly, and game concepts not found in previous Diablo games By developing a smartphone game for the target audience, Immortal aims to reach demographic and geographical areas that use mobile phones as their main gaming platform and therefore cannot communicate with Diablo in other ways. Game director Wyatt Cheng, and chief combat designer Julian Love, both had previously worked on Diablo III and included elements in Immortal that their predecessors could not.

The game was first announced at the opening of BlizzCon in November 2018, where the release platforms were confirmed as Android and iOS, provided cross-platform gaming, and made progress between the two. Blizzard also introduced the Immortal experience. After his debut, he announced plans to keep it fresh by regularly adding stories and characters. Shortly after the game’s announcement, Blizzard began allowing players to pre-register on the game’s website to test future beta versions.

In February 2019, Yang Zhao Xuan, chief financial officer of Net Ease, said the game was “almost ready” and was still scheduled for release in 2019; but he also said he would determine Blizzard’s final release schedule. In November 2019, during BlizzCon, Blizzard posted an update on its official blog confirming that Immortal was still in development; but there is no specific release date for the game yet, as “Target Blizzard takes a long time to reach our quality level and we have very ambitious goals for Diablo Immortal.” Additional details confirmed in the article included that the game would cover six playable classes (Barbarian, Crusader, Demon Hunter, Monk, Necromancer, and Wizard) and paid, class-specific “end” abilities.

In early August 2020, Blizzard and Net Ease on ChinaJoy released a new game trailer for Immortal, which showcased each of the six playable classes and featured the first appearance of Baal, one of Diablo II’s main enemies, and its expansion Lord. The trailer also highlighted improvements to the game’s graphics and character models that have been in place since the release of the previous promotional material.

Common alpha words

The game’s “very limited” public alpha demo ran from December 2020 to January 2021, presenting the first 45 character levels and four of the six playable classes. Alpha was released specifically for Android devices for gamers in Australia, but some media outlets were also allowed access. Character development from Alpha cannot be fully integrated into the game. During a Q&A session at BlizzConline in February 2021 (the only online version of BlizzCon due to the COVID-19 pandemic), the development team confirmed that the next phase of the game would likely be an additional alpha that would include full game launch. level limit (level 60), additional story elements, and all six playable classes. During the discussion, the team also confirmed that they are working to bring Immortal virtual game controls as well as game controller support, and plan to offer additional classes and venues (free for each player) after the game’s initial release. .

In other conversations in February 2021, members of the development team said that while they would continue to focus on mobile platforms, they would “definitely not interfere” with the efforts of others to emulate it on other devices. They also confirmed that the game is based on a completely new engine not used in previous Net Ease games and has the same quality standards as other games developed by Blizzard:

“Game development at Blizzard is when we ask ourselves, ‘Is this good enough?’ So sometimes it takes a long time to do what we do … [Net Ease] is fully committed to our commitment to quality, and that is a prerequisite for this partnership … This is the engine that Net Ease is using for the first time. . He has not been used in any of the previous games. It’s built on a new engine from scratch, and it’s not a Diablo III remake … it’s a completely new game that we built.

The team also explained that they had made player feedback a key component of the alpha test by implementing a system that allowed them to view all feedback sent through the in-game feedback tool:

“At the end of Tech Alpha, we looked at every feedback we got … Basically we had a summit where the whole team gathered at Zoom, and I shared my screen and immediately lined up – in a row … Finally, we have to decide, but especially one many players. We really appreciate such reviews when we see clear trends. We also look at Reddit and other communities. Channels to get anecdotes and others are reviews from there.

An example of the changes made in response to this feedback is how the team strengthened the wizards ‘class of ice-based attacks to support players’ use of these skills and to alleviate concerns about the class being “weak.”

In April 2021, Immortal entered a new indoor alpha test limited to Android players in Australia. The new trial included the addition of the game’s Crusader class, raising the upper level of the character level to 55 (compared to 60 in the full game) and the introduction of the Shooting Loop function (it takes alpha “at least a month” to adequately test this new game). . Game element). At the beginning of this second alpha, game director Wyatt Cheng confirmed that there would be at least one more test phase (with a full level of 60) before the game was released.

In its announcement of first-quarter earnings in May 2021, parent company Activision Blizzard Immortal confirmed that it was “on the way to a global release later [in 2021]”, but did not specify a special release window for the game; However, in August 2021, Blizzard announced that the game had been postponed to the first half of 2022. The update noted that the delay is to “make Cycle of Strife more accessible,” “make Helliquary and Rewards more attractive,” add controller support, and make more changes to the game after alpha test feedback, such as making changes. character advancement systems.

Public beta testing

The closed beta version of Immortal was released on October 28, 2021, and was intended for “less than three months” only for Android players in Australia and Canada (to be expanded in Korea, Japan, and China in the future). This new version of the game introduces the Necromancer class (the last of the game’s planned beginner classes), the new Hell IV difficulty level (with enhanced rewards for higher difficulty), the Legacy of the Horadrim feature, and the first iteration of controller support (limited controllers). Additional game systems added to the beta include “Awakening” and “Resonance” for legendary gems and element sets.

The beta also added a player ranking system and corresponding rewards to the 8v8 Battlefield mode, and significantly changed the end of the “Shooting Rod” from the 8v8 battle series (which includes the strongest). Eight members of the top ten Dark House against the best players of the Immortals) in a new system called “Battle of the Immortals”: 30v1 battle around the best Immortal player. The structure of the Helliquary feature was also changed: these enemies, who had previously been defeated by solo players, were transformed into eight-player raids with a strong focus on teamwork.

In-game purchases were made for the first time during the beta. Although beta purchases are not fully translated, players who make beta purchases will receive an equal amount of credit to their accounts at the end of the trial period.

In February 2022 (after the beta was completed in January), game director Wyatt Cheng and chief system designer Chris Zierhut announced on the game’s official website that they would make many additional changes based on player feedback. These changes include shifting rewards to a single player experience (to prevent players from feeling compelled to come together), balancing the difficulty of Helliquary raid bosses, improving controller support, and stopping the Paragon system (to prevent players from advancing too much). fast). others) and re-evaluates the “Abundance Bonus” microtransaction to increase its value. Other changes for the Period of Conflict (additional changes to be announced later) were announced, including the merging of clans and “Dark Houses” into a single entity (describing the existence of separate temporary social groups as a “complex mess”). ). your social system and player network “). This article repeated a goal for the game at a certain stage in 2022.


On March 28, 2022, Blizzard launched iOS pre-orders for Immortal (to match current Android pre-registrations) with a new trailer showcasing the exclusive in-game “Horadrim” cosmetics that will be available to all players. the textbook will be available within 30 days of launch). provided the game is completed) if the game reaches 30 million pre-registrations before release. The release date for the game was June 30, 2022, in the App Store list; will allow you to change the character’s class without losing your previous progress.

On April 25, 2022, Blizzard shared a new trailer for Immortal and announced the release date of June 2, 2022. As part of this announcement, they also announced that the open beta version of the game for Windows versions will launch on the same date (all content and features of the mobile version, as well as all advances and purchases are transferred to the full version). and cross play. It was confirmed that storage support would be available. Blizzard also commented on the decision to release the game for PC, although it had previously said that it would be exclusive for mobile devices:

“On the one hand, we felt that we could not justify the title by releasing a game originally designed for mobile devices on the PC, on the other hand, we wanted to ensure that the game reached as many players as possible, especially our best player. players. Custom PC fans. The decisive factor is that many of you play this game. He knew that he would try to play through the emulator and thus lead us to a better experience.

Scott Burgess, the game’s chief designer, added in an interview with Game Spot that it took “too long” to announce the PC version of the game because “they wanted to make sure the game’s polish was at a point where we were happy.” I am satisfied.

The game’s release was expanded to include support for a number of additional controllers compared to the beta versions of the PlayStation 5, including Dual Sense, Rotor Riot, and SteelSeries Nimbus.

PC pre-loading for the game began on May 26, 2022, and Billzard’s “road map to hell” detailing the game’s release schedule . This included confirmation that Immortal would be presented on June 23 for countries in the Asia-Pacific region, such as Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, and Thailand, although it was available for most regions and only for Vietnam. Released June 2. It will be available for PC gamers. It was also confirmed that it was released with local voice transcript and speech-to-text access options. In the following days, it was announced that the game would not be released in Belgium and the Netherlands due to the “existing work environment for games in these countries” especially due to stricter laws on loot boxes.

For the game, Blizzard reviewers introduced Razer Kishi controllers connected to smartphones to provide a hardware experience similar to handheld game consoles such as the Nintendo Switch or Steam Deck. In an interview with The Washington Post, game director Wyatt Cheng said, “… he said he believed Diablo Immortal would change the way many people think about mobile gaming. This was one of our goals from the beginning. let’s rise.

As previously noted by Blizzard the mobile version of the game is available for some markets one day before its official release date of June 2nd.


before release

BlizzCon’s response to Immortal’s announcement in 2018 was largely negative. Although traditional game viewers are often skeptical of mobile versions of the game series, public discontent with the Diablo series grew on the eve of a larger announcement. Expressing their dissatisfaction through online channels, they compared Immortal to a “new look” for previous Net Ease names, such as Crusaders of Light and Endless of God. On the same day, the developers took part in a question-and-answer session with the participants. Two specific questions asked by Blizzard’s Main Game Designer, Wyatt Cheng, drew a lot of attention from both the media and the audience, with one participant asking if the announcement was “off-season April Foolishness.” When asked if the PC version was possible, the crowd laughed when the answer was no.

Blizzard responded to the announcement the next day, noting that Immortal was a Diablo series game in active development, and cited the company’s multiplatform development experience and the success of the mobile version of Hearthstone as evidence of its ability to cope with uncertainty. and do this with kernel monitors. They also referred to a rumor that they had blocked the announcement of the main Diablo sequel due to the negative response to the Immortal’s statement:

“First of all, we would like to note that we have definitely heard from our community. We usually do not comment on rumors or speculation, but we can say that we have not received any announcements from BlizzCon this year. We have no plans for additional announcements. We do. Many We have different teams that continue to work on undeclared Diablo projects, and that’s true. ” We look forward to hearing from you in due course.

Shares of Activision Blizzard fell 7% on the first trading day after the announcement. Then, in November 2018, the newly appointed president of Blizzard, J Allen Brack, thanked his fans for their feedback for demonstrating their love for the franchise:

“I think there are a lot of players who are more interested in Diablo PC and console content. It came out loud and clear from BlizzCon. Frankly, we are lucky to have a community that is very interested in this franchise. The participation of our community. Blizzard is something very special and we really appreciate it. That mission … Starting the game will be just the beginning. There will be continuous support. We will leave the game only when we feel that it meets the very high standards of society. Finally, Diablo Immortal will do it and we we think people will live it and love it.

Previews based on the game’s first demos in 2018 reflected both positive and negative moods. For example, Mashable described the game as “very entertaining” and praised its visual style compared to Diablo III, Game Spot and VentureBeat noted many unknown factors (especially how the business model would work, Blizzard failed). the authors confirmed the controls, although the interface had been tested by previous Net Ease games, but Polygon noted difficulties with accuracy. targeting skills [9] and Kotaku felt that this was true. “Sometimes he is slow to respond.” Many writers felt that where Immortal had taken over the look and feel of the series, he had skipped some of its basic principles,

or, as Polygon puts it, “spirit.” of Diablo Although the mobile game captured the main Diablo experience, reviewers asked if it had enough new content to stay fresh in the new entry. In these first views of the game, the newly equipped items did not change the visual appearance of the criticized player’s character; but this feature was added during the game’s later alpha demo.

Unlike 2018, the game’s previews based on the last alpha of 2020 were more positive: [88] IGN stated that Immortal offers a “full-fledged new Diablo” experience “not a compressed mobile analogue” (Eurogamer and a message described by The Verge as “properly [feels] like a Diablo game.” Other areas of definition include the game’s combat and art direction (including the appearance of various equipment elements in character models); but the lack of supervisor support has been identified as a shortcoming. [15] Game Informer The reviewer said that the new alpha of the game “looks, feels and plays closer to the main Diablo game” than the previous demos they saw; but they felt that the game had some positive aspects. Although it had lines, they wanted it to be used on a non-mobile platform without virtual touch controls.

Anthony Nash of Android Central, from the 2021 beta version of the game, said: “Diablo Immortal has everything you need not only to present a true Diablo experience, but also to become one of the best Android games as soon as it is released.” Describing this as “a must-play for fans of the series,” Nash praised the newly added wizard class compared to the previous alpha and the improvements in player modes against the player. IGN’s Nick Rego also praised the beta’s improvements over alpha and its similarity to previous Diablo titles, but said it would “just work like the phone you’re playing, and in-game microtransactions can overwhelm you.” It seems to me that you are deprived of many wonderful things. ” Cam Shee of IGN also praised Immortal’s supervisory support, but said it contradicted the power of the game and said that being mobile” might suit you. Shi He also described the existing virtual controls as “intuitive and easy to use”, although he considered himself “not a fan of virtual analog rods and virtual keys in general.”


According to Metacritic, Immortal’s iOS and PC versions received “mixed or average reviews.”

Common definition areas include the game’s “entertaining” and “satisfying” gameplay, graphics, user interface, touch controls, . ] happened. ] and general presentation; critical areas include plot, leveling system (emphasizing the need for grinding for free agents), and voting.

During the review, Cam Shea from IGN said the game “feels great to play and basically looks pretty good,” reiterating that the game is a “big fan” of touch controls, while also praising the fluidity of the game. inventory system compared to the previous ones. He also supported Blizzard’s claim that the game did not require in-game purchases to be enjoyed: “Even if it was more than once every 20 hours, did I encounter any unexpected obstacles that made me feel like I was shopping more? Push it easily.”

However, other articles have raised concerns about the game’s methods of making money. Igor Bonifacic of Engadget described Immortal as “Blizzard’s best and most disturbing game in recent years” and a sequel to Diablo 3 better than its predecessors, but at the same time “players willing to spend almost endless money on the game Similarly, Maddy Myers from Landfill thought Diablo Immortal had proven that “Diablo was created for mobile gaming,” but noting how microtransactions “worked a little too well,” “[they] don’t just feel prey and manipulation; they feel it anyway. as the final ingredient that allowed the addictive series to reach its true form. ” PC player Tyler Colp said. As for the game’s microtransactions, “it has big red flags.” Some have expressed mixed or vague feelings about the game’s business model (especially compared to some other free mobile games). ) in his time

In the first week of its release, Blizzard announced that Diablo Immortal had more than ten million downloads, making it the largest release in the history of the Diablo series. According to App Magic data monitoring service, Immortal earned more than $ 790,000 in the first 24 hours and more than $ 14.5 million in the first week.

Audience response

The user feedback score for the PC version of Metacritic reached 0.2 / 10, making it the site’s lowest user rating for a game. Criticism targeted the use of microtransactions, accusing him of “paying to win” in the later stages of the game, noting that it became increasingly difficult for players to advance without paying real-world money.

In the days following Immortal’s release, YouTuber Bellular News reported that calculations would require about $ 110,000 in real money to fully upgrade a character. The required costs are primarily due to the fact that the highest level of the game’s legendary gems are not earned by players who play for free, although the process of paying for them is described by Eurogamer as “random and often very rare.” Game Rant is a Twitch publisher’s progress report. He documented spending almost $ 21,000 on the game without buying any high-level legendary gems to highlight the design of the system .The Video Games Chronicle reports on the experience of YouTuber Rakhxanterax, who told the “whale” player that he easily lost.

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