CDWP Approves Three Infrastructure Projects Worth Rs. 49.6 Billion

CDWP Approves Three Infrastructure Projects Worth Rs. 49.6 Billion

The Central Development Working Group (CDWP) on Monday cleared three projects worth Rs. The 49,651.347 million includes the upgrade and expansion of the Chitral-Booni-Mastuj-Shandur road, the purchase / production of 25 shunting diesel locomotives and the construction of the Mangi Dam in Quetta.

Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission Dr. Jehanzeb Khan presided and was attended by the Ministry of Planning, Development and Special Initiatives (PD&SI), the Secretary of Railways, the Secretary of the Ministry of Communications, the President of the NHA National Road Organization and other prominent figures. officers.


The NHA chairman said at the meeting that the estimated cost of the Chitral-Bunni-Mastuj-Shendur road improvement and expansion project will be implemented in four packages.

He informed the meeting that the first package will include the improvement and widening of the road in Chitral settlement, the second stage from Booni (38 km), the third stage from Booni to Shaidas (8 km) and starting from 2008. In the fourth stage, from martyr to martyr. Sandur (114 km). The aim of the project is to facilitate passengers and promote the tourism industry. Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission Dr. Cehanzeb Khan stressed the importance of project design.

The meeting also discussed in detail the projects for the purchase / production of 25-maneuver diesel-electric locomotives with an estimated cost of Rs for different provinces of the country. 14,761,206 mln. The purpose of this project is to supply / manufacture 25 diesel-electric locomotives with a capacity of 2000-2200 horsepower for maneuvering necessary for the smooth formation and operation of trains.

The Minister of Railways said at the meeting that there were operational problems due to the inefficiency of the old locomotives used for maneuvering, and that these old locomotives hampered revenue targets.

These new shunting diesel-electric locomotives will provide reliable and cost-effective train formation and shunting service. The CWDP also approved the construction of the Mangi Dam. Transportation from the dam to Quetta is carried out via a 40 km long 600 mm diameter steel pump line and a 20 km long 450 mm diameter steel gravity main pipe.

The Mangi Dam will supply 8.1 mg (15.1 cubic meters) to Quetta. The President told Baluchistan government officials to prioritize and make the necessary efforts to complete the project by June 2023.

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