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Trending Android Games of 2022

Android phone or tablet is a portal to an incredible selection of world-class game titles. These are the shortlisted popular games for you.


Among us android game
This game is popular game in 2021 among android gamers.

A complete quarantine hobby in the game world of 2020, but technically launched in 2018 and dominated as a paranoid. When you and other astronauts meet to repair your spacecraft, secret saboteurs quietly try to kill you. If you use ancient social manipulation to find the truth, or if you still try to deceive your head, don’t trust anyone.

Arranged in separate spaceships, we need 10 players to work together as a team to avoid choosing them individually … unless you are the imposture, who chooses them. As a chosen one, you must complete your job while continuing to look at suspected people who are trying for the allegations. As a imposture, you have to kill the team while hiding and convince the others not to pick you up on the ship and on the cliffs. In other words, not be suspicious. Responsibilities are given at random and you must take what is given to you. If you accidentally stop repeatedly trying to get the job you want, you will be fired within minutes.

2. Battle Chaser : Night War

Symbols of War at Night is a JRPG success and one of the most complete action games on mobile. This is exactly the case which means there are no in-app purchases or paid DLC. Thank God!

Everything in this game is complex and intricate, from hidden dungeon to beauty to conquer, and a stable world full of other surprises.

Battle based warfare is inspired by all the fun I can remember from the JRPG genre and is really very fun for those like me. In addition to exploring large and dense worlds filled with enemies in battle, there are also deep items to upgrade your weapons, armor, and magical spells. The game is as good as their stories and characters, and since the game is based on the animation of the same name, it will give you a fully developed character with a compelling storyline.

The story focuses on a young girl named Gully who is looking for her old father, Aramus. The hero and the gray ruin leave the village and never return. The gray line is a wall of mist that is almost hidden, they are side by side, and no one comes back when it comes. The Arameans left the magic glove set that should give the user unlimited skin. Yellow must learn to wear his father’s hat as he begins his own story on the Gray Line to reveal the truth behind his father’s last mission.

Gully develops feelings and emotions, but often travels along the Caribbean, an ancient warlord starts a war that he can kick out to save his friends.

Aramus’ friend, Paladin Garrison, thinks he needs to save the abyss, and eventually, Save Monica, the criminal gang, is able to break the line between good and evil. If you’re a fan of Battle Chasers, or if you’re looking for a new JRPG, this game is worth a try.

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3. Crossy Road

I will try to get the chicken cross the road if I play on crossy road on any device. Froggger’s formula works great for non-stop running. The colorful voxel offerings are symbolic and the chicken is really funny.

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The biggest reason why Fortnight is still so popular is that it is possible to join the battlefield for free from your mobile. How many children in the classroom are secretly playing this version on their phones and the teacher is not visible? Available on Google Play, manufacturers use Fortnight as a selling point for their premium phones. This is still a trending game worldwide and is not losing its flame anytime soon.

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trending you tube channel ideas for creative minds.


Hitman Go takes on everyone’s favorite bald video game killer, showing his totally realistic murder in a stylistic and abstract way. Levels are like a set of tapes – you can use 47 coins from your agent set to deviate from your target. Fortunately, the strategy of black comedy is preserved, the beautiful aesthetic pure aesthetic is suitable for a person living with a sad professional death.


In fact, the mobile version of Minecraft is not the same as its PC console counterparts. But the basics of the mobile version with the new version are very ironic, because the game has merged. So know that you won’t have to compromise when creating or downloading a Crapper block on your phone.

Pocket Edition comes with two modes: creative and survival. In creative mode, players can fly around the game world and build using an infinite supply of materials. The core gameplay is in survival mode, where daytime is for building above ground (stacking blocks to make castles, bridges, etc.), and night brings monsters who attack players and destroy their creations. There’s no story, and the only advantage you have in a hostile environment is creativity.

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7. Vampire: The Masquerade — Night Road

Fans of IP Vampire Dark World. For enthusiastic maidens. As we wait patiently for Blood Lines 2, we have more on our hands. The game titled Night Road is a 100% text-based RPG where you can choose.

In Night Road, you play as a vampire courier delivering goods and messages to older vampires en route to the American Southwest. The vampire hunter is not only with you, but you must fight the dawn as soon as you reach your destination. But in the end, describe his character as you see fit.

Considering the size of the game and the abundance of options, The Night Road is a great text-based adventure. Sometimes it is fun to see how different choices affect the story. You can start playing for free, but sometimes you have to do more than 10 overs to complete the game. You can also pay $ 1 to remove the ads.

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8. Call of Duty Mobile

There was a lot going on with Call of Duty Mobile before and during its worldwide beta release. Recognized by Activision and TIM Studios (assistant to Tennistown Games), this game is one of a kind and was selected among the best mobile games of 2019 and is set to improve in 2021. Now is another war. Royal 20v20 called it the latest update in Warfare.

This game is doing well because of Tencent Games, one of them. Another game on this list is PUBG Mobile, which has a mobile recording room, and fans of this game will recognize the game’s amazing user interface and amazing performance for mobile devices. COD uses a lot of symbolic cards for a lot of players from the Mobile Call of Duty franchise, and the quick action translation works really well for other players having fun on the platform.

Call of Duty Mobile Special Team’s DotMode mode is better known as Call of Duty, as is Battle Royale mode known as the main franchise with KOD: Blood Ops 4 with the Demat Mach. Good game in your hands, but having 100 Battle Royale players participating (including the fan-favorite Zombie mode) will only add value to the overall package.

I’ve been playing Credit Mobile since beta and it’s my favorite game when it takes a few minutes to kill myself. This game is so popular that if you want to play with casual gamers, you will want to involve more experienced players in the qualifiers so you can get into this game quickly.

This is a free game; This game has the usual games to buy through in-app purchases to earn money to be spent in battle boxes full of unwanted rewards and a level boosting method with a premium subscription. For more rewards, the console or PC version of Call of Duty sets a maximum of $ 60, with all sorts of paid DLC for cosmetic upgrades and inevitable microtransactions, the mobile version looks great from its starting value. You don’t have to withdraw your credit card to fully enjoy the game, which is one of the main reasons Call of Duty Mobile occupies a prominent spot on our list.

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It’s amazing how well a public cell phone plays Android. Starting as a battlefield for a hundred players, Battlefield is the best shooting game ever developed for mobile devices. To live the classic spaces on the battlefield, full of weapons, ammunition, tactical equipment and heavy machinery. You enter as a single player or as part of a team and you must use all your abilities to defeat your opponents until you become the last person.

It’s not uncommon to find a way to Android for a popular PC or console version, but you may be surprised at how well PUBG plays on your smartphone. This is a great game for Android, despite some frustrations about how to make the most of things that just shouldn’t be in a startup book. However, the game is free to play and access for most players.

I like to play with the biggest graphics, but in this game you can also minimize the graphic details so that you can enjoy the continuous game on older devices. If you have a modern device, maximize these settings and enjoy the best game I’ve played in a long time. Do you have an old phone with a limited number of models, but still want to enter the game? Take a look at the PUBG Mobile Lite, which is specifically designed to take up less space on your phone and run on phones with less RAM.

Public Mobile offers moments compatible with alternating current, when you expect the computer game to be completely worse than mobile phones. Special Zombie War Royal mode, multi-team death mode, new Rage Gear modes for vehicle attacks and new Evo Ground game modes, including yellow, have been introduced. Includes cargo areas, helicopters, showcases and missile launchers. Join your team and we will see you on the battlefield!

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10. Chameleon Run

Chameleon Run is an automatic runner that checks reaction times in a way that won’t hurt your brain.

The name of the game – the speed, when you jump and run on lands of different colors. You have special jumping skills and the ability to change colors, and you should take any course, but you are allowed to touch items that match your color. Sounds simple enough? So, think again!

No matter how good the game is throughout the level, the real joy comes from the proper introduction of dual controls. If you only set the color clock when you touch the yard, you’ll be quickly introduced to the dashboard. The jump controls are just as accurate and make it easy to control complex and intricate jumps. Each level is designed indirectly, so there are many ways to reach the end. However, there are three specific objectives in each level that will remind you a lot.

In general, the game is very short, but it is designed to be one of those games that fits the pace – although there is already a lot of competition. I think the game has no rhythm feature-a course editor that allows players to load their levels. Or just multiple levels, perhaps, with devices even with different colors to change. However, $ 2 is a fun one.

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