14 Ways to Make Money on YouTube

14 Ways to Make Money on YouTube 2022

The potential for making money on YouTube is quite high. You can make a lot of money that you never imagined, even in your wildest dreams! Yes, we speak logically and quite realistically.

People mostly think that advertising is the main source of money on YouTube. However, you can make money when users purchase your channel’s YouTube premium subscriptions and in many other ways, which we’ll tell you about below.

Many YouTubers make money from their channels effectively, even if they don’t have significant subscribers. Many people confuse the YouTube business, considering that a person’s earning potential is determined only by the number of subscribers and views, but this is not always true. Other important factors include the level of employment your channel generates, the revenue channels you discover, and the location you provide.

In this blog, we will educate you on different ways to earn an effective income with minimal investment. If you want to open your own channel and become a YouTuber, follow any idea with determination and determination and you will see amazing results.

Who Will Watch Your YouTube Channel

The type of viewers who will watch your channel depends entirely on where you log in and how you make money from the content.

The better you understand your audience with the demographic information you have, the more your brand will target your channel, and this will help you make more money.

It is necessary to pay attention to the following points

Your channel is watched by the majority of the age group of viewers.
To monitor the curvature of your channel and see if it is viewed by the most boys or girls.
Overall viewing time or overall engagement of your audience.
The region where your content is most visible – which countries, provinces or cities.

(2022) 14 Ways to Make Money on YouTube

Many strategies make it possible to make ample money until you know those strategies and ways.

The truth is that about 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every day, but not everyone who uploads content is entitled to profit. The competition on this platform is so fierce that you have to follow strong strategies and master the most effective methods to start making money on YouTube.

Here are the best ways to help you find answers on how to make money on YouTube in 2022:

1.Become an Affiliate and Review Products

You may need a large number of subscribers to monetize ads. At the initial stage, you can’t rely entirely on ad revenue as it can take a lot of time to reach a substantial subscriber base. But liaising with brands and reviewing products to earn commissions is one of the most effective ways to monetize YouTube.

If you have an attractive and loyal audience on your channel, you can make a good profit by looking for companies that want to invest in affiliate marketing. Sharing your unique affiliate links in your video description is a great chance to get a percentage of sales.

2. Offer Video Editing Services

Why not sell your skills and help other people by making your videos attractive? All types of video creators can earn money by providing video editing services. However, a person must be experienced in video editing and have special experience and creativity.

Many companies charge a high amount to edit videos, you can pay a little less to be recognized initially. Turning a simple video into an attractive video and offering your customers concierge YouTube video editing services is a surefire way to success.

3. Earn from ads

The biggest source of revenue from YouTube is to be a YouTube partner and generate revenue from advertising. Many professionals earn an impressive amount, and therefore if you want to make money from YouTube, this is considered the most important revenue stream.

There are many ways to make money from ads, including Google Adsense, channel memberships, and ads that precede your videos.

To make money from ads, your channel, like YouTuber, needs to garner 1,000 subscribers and at least 4,000 video hours in the last 12 months. After reaching the 4000-hour video limit, you can take advantage of YouTube monetization.

Customers who choose a YouTube premium subscription are not allowed to see any ads, but YouTube supports the creators by allowing them to earn a percentage of the total viewing time commission. However, there are many other ways to increase your earning potential on YouTube other than advertising.

4. Product sales

Product sales
Product sales

Selling your goods to the right target audience is one of the best ways to make a lot of money. All you have to do is link to them in your videos, serve them and inform them about the products. For example; Ryan’s World, a popular toy channel on YouTube, sells shirts and toys.

Any physical product, e-books, art prints, etc. You can sell downloadable products, including. However, make sure you use a smooth and secure payment transition before advertising your products.

5. Partner with Valuable Brands to Sponsor You

Various businesses in various industries, including games, apps, beauty and health, elegant culture, toys and technology, pay big rewards to promote their brands or products on YouTuber channels.

If your channel can generate organic sales, it will help increase brand sales. This will also make your channel popular. Many brands have shown that displaying organic content on YouTube channels is an effective marketing method instead of spending a lot of money on advertising.

In return, these elite brands sponsor your video and distribute it to a wide audience through paid partnerships. Here are 3 tips to make sure sponsored content works for you:

A) Explain Paid Partners:

Don’t let your audience lose faith in you / your channel. If you are getting paid for a product recommendation, always tell the truth to your audience. Being transparent about product approval will always help you maintain your business and your relationship with your target audience.

B) Promote Products in Audience’s Interest:

Make sure you introduce a product on your channel that adds value to your audience, blends effectively with your video, and most importantly, fits the theme of your channel. Turning money into the size of everything and ignoring these factors can disappoint your audience.

C) Niche-Specific:

Sticking your channel to a specific area is always preferred by well-known brands. Even if you don’t have millions of subscribers, you can still start branded partnerships.

6. Let your fans pay you directly

You can create a process that allows your fans to support your channel by paying you. There are many different ways to make money that can take a lot of effort, but to make money this way, you need to ask your fans to show their gratitude with credit / debit cards. Following these various steps will help motivate your fans to pay you:

A) Convince your fans to be Youtube Premium Members:

Encouraging your subscribers to become a YouTube premium subscriber may not be of much use to you, but you will still get a discount on the subscription fees of your channel viewers.

B) Have Live Chats on your channel:

In 2017, YouTube replaced the fan base function with Super Chat. Organizing live chats using Super Chat is only available to YouTube partners during live broadcasts.

According to the Super Chat feature, users will be highlighted and blocked for a certain period of time based on how much they pay for the live broadcast.

C) Convince your fans to be Channel Members:

Viewers can access your channel’s live broadcast for a fee. Along with the introduction, viewers receive badges and special emojis.

It is important to create a promotion strategy that will encourage your fans to subscribe to your channel. You also need to add several membership levels. Like Super Chat, this feature is only available to YouTube Partners.

7.License your content to Media Homes

Still not sure how to make money on YouTube? If your video is viral, this is another way to make a lot of money. When the demand for your video is high, news agencies may require you to re-display your content to your audience. They pay very good money to the owners of that YouTube channel to achieve their goals.

Be sure to always update your contact information on our About page; including your phone number and email address.

If you have a dark video, a platform like Jukin Media is a great place to start. The video rights market is a platform where you can register, and this will help spread your video among different types of viewers.

8. Crowdfund your Creative Project

Do you find the most effective ideas to tell you how to make money on YouTube by increasing your money? Well, money is the only thing that stands between an idea and its implementation. Whether you choose to hire an actor, use advanced equipment such as cameras, editing software, or pay for other production costs, money makes everything possible.

This monetization strategy involves only a one-time effort and may be more affordable than a recurring membership model. You may face a problem when you have to rely on your financial goals.

A) Kickstarter:

This helps to offer your fans interesting benefits based on how much they are willing to donate. This platform is perfect for financing creative projects and useful products that add value to the life of the audience.

It is very important that your funding goal is achievable because you can actually achieve it once you reach your goal.

B) Indiegogo:

This platform offers more flexible financing options compared to Kickstarter. First of all, Indiegogo is known for detailing your best project idea, informing people about the budget and raising funds to implement this idea.

9. Sell Online Courses

 Sell Online Courses
Sell Online Courses

A lucrative opportunity is waiting for you at your door. If you are already good at informing or educating people about a particular topic, you can earn a decent amount by showing your videos.

He or she should know how to build your skills and teach relevant skills to your target audience / subscribers through an online course. If your subject and teaching skills are endorsed by your subscribers, you can make incredible profits. You can also create your own digital products and sell them through your YouTube channel, including templates, e-books, printed materials, downloads and workshops.

10. Consulting, and Coaching

If your channel has a significant subscriber base, it has a great potential to generate revenue by using consulting services to generate more revenue.

Become a marketing consultant and get paid every hour for the services you provide to your target audience! Sounds interesting? You can easily achieve this goal by following the methods listed below:

A) If you need to manage a thousand viewers in each video you post. Even well-known brands and other companies that want to promote their products or services can use your channel and pay you big money. They can also approach you and pay good money to manage the company’s channel.

B) Another way is to consult with businesses in your field of specialization that you teach on your channel. You can also offer one-on-one training sessions to the audience and pay based on the skill you teach and the time you spend teaching that skill.

11. Perform a Live Show

They can also be generously paid for concerts where they perform live in niches such as comedy, acting, art, magic, games or dance. You can stream and play videos of your talent live on YouTube. If you have already created a large subscriber base, the audience will want to see you on the live show. Even if you don’t, this is one of the best deals to help you increase your subscribers.

You’ve seen different artists, comedians, actors or dancers put on shows all over the world and make really good money. You can reach the same level by creating your own concerts and uploading them to your personal channel.

If you want to take a tour of how to prepare the perfect concert, you can look at the concert market, including Gig Salad.

12. Explore Earning Potential from YouTube Red

Did you know that YouTube also offers users the opportunity to earn extra money to watch content without ads? Yes, you heard right, even without advertising, you can earn up to 55% of revenue for viewing time.

You can use YouTube analytics to view and check your statistics, such as video capture and viewing time.

13. Become an Amazon Influencer

Being an Amazon Influencer not only helps you to be recognized globally, but also allows you to maximize your presence on YouTube and make a lot of money through Amazon referrals.

When you join the Amazon app, you can place product links in your video description. You will receive an 8% -10% commission when users click and shop on Amazon.

14. Get Skillful in YouTube SEO

youtube search
youtube search

Looking for an effective answer on how to make money on YouTube? Maximizing YouTube SEO is one of the best ways to help speed up your game. A thorough keyword research is mandatory to do YouTube SEO. At the same time, you need to think of something unique about what most people are looking for on YouTube.

The next step is to ensure that high quality keywords are used in your video, video tags, and images.

After uploading the content to YouTube, check your YouTube Traffic Source report, and it will tell you what most people are looking for when they encounter your videos.

Here are 5 important SEO ranking factors to consider on YouTube:

Thumbs up/Thumbs down ratio
Number of Comments
Subscribers after watching the video
Click-through-rate on the YouTube search results
Video length

List of Highest-Paid YouTubers

Ryan’s World ($29.5 million)
PewDiePie ($29.5 million)
Dude Perfect ($20 million)
Jake Paul ($20 million)
Markiplier ($19.5 million)
Rhett and Link ($18 million)
Like Nastya ($18 million)
David Dobrik ($15 million)
DanTDM ($16.5 million)
Jeffree Star ($15 million)
Preston Arsement ($14 million)
VanossGaming ($11.5 million)
Logan Paul ($10 million)
Blippi ($7 million)

How to “Sell” your audience without going crazy

It is necessary to ensure that the content of their propaganda is not compromised. It’s also important to ask your target audience about the promotion or product you’re selling. Because if you don’t ask, you will never get what you want. How is the balance maintained? There are many “placements” to choose from to promote your campaigns or products flawlessly:

1. Adding YouTube Cards To the Videos

Whether you’re running a paid partnership with a brand or campaigning to promote your product / service, creating and adding YouTube cards is one of the best ways to get your audience’s attention. However, the pop-up time for these cards should be adjusted, if appropriate, to distract the audience.

  1. Write a call to action

By adding an effective line to the end of your video, you can increase your audience and increase customer engagement. For example; If you like our video, click the call button and subscribe – add something like this!

This will help get the audience’s attention, and if the audience really likes your video, at least some of them will subscribe to your channel and increase your earnings.

3.Add Links to Your Video Descriptions

Adding links to video images is a great way to direct viewers to your store, Kickstarter campaign, Patreon page, or other revenue-driven part of your online platform.

Difficulties making money from YouTube

Now that you’ve learned how to make money on YouTube, another important thing you need to know before you start this business process is the difficult situation you may face when making money.

YouTube video creators may face some challenges even after following best practices. The creator of YouTube gets paid for monetized views, but not for general views. As a result, effective CPM (cost per thousand) can be quite low.


Q1) Is it easy to make money from YouTube?

It’s easy to make money on Youtube if you upload interesting and trendy content, get a lot of views, sell subscriptions and earn advertising revenue.

In addition, creators have several ways to make money from their video content, including fan funds, sales, and corporate sponsorship of reputable brands.

Q2) How much can I earn from YouTube?

If we talk about earning through YouTube, there is great potential. The best YouTube stars earn about $ 20 million a year.

Q3) How To Make Money Without Advertising On YouTube?

Demonstrating your skills and outstanding work on YouTube is a great way to find great results. Some of the best ways to make money without advertising are to get a YouTube sponsorship from a well-known brand, sell digital products, e-books and online courses, add shared links to your videos, use crowdfunding techniques, and sell training and consulting services.

Q3) How Many Subscribers Can Help You Make Money?

According to YouTube’s policy, you need at least 1,000 subscribers to make money from your channel. Even if your channel manages to get 1,000 subscribers, you haven’t started earning anything from YouTube. Because your content must meet other criteria, including 4,000 hours of views per year.

If you meet the eligibility requirements of the YouTube Partner Program and accept these requirements, you can start earning money from the content or videos you upload in the future.

Q4) When will you start making money on Youtube?

You are not charged for uploading videos to YouTube. So you have to work hard to make money from the content you upload and make money from your videos. Ways to make money from your videos are already explained on the blog. Some include crowdfunding, consulting, branded partnerships, advertising revenue, and more.

Q5) What is YouTube’s revenue from each viewing?

Average Cost Per Impressions (CPM) is determined by many factors. Thus, there is no definitive answer as to how valuable 1 look is.

These factors are the industry you are in, the country you are in, the type of audience that is watching your content, and the number of people clicking on your ads. Advertisers also follow a Cost-per-View (CPV) or Click-per-Cost (CPC) strategy before placing ads on a YouTube channel.

For example; If that audience clicks on a high-value ad, you won’t get anything for 2 views and $ 4 for another view.

However, the average fee paid by the advertiser varies between $ 0.1-0.3 per view. Also, the average channel has the potential to earn $ 18 per 1,000 views. This means that on average, a video creator can earn $ 4-4.5 per 1,000 views.

How many views do you need to make money?

YouTube does not pay video creators for every viewing. Instead, they pay you for viewers / users who watch the ads for 30 seconds and click on the ads in your videos. Watching an ad for 30 seconds allows the creator to earn up to $ 5.

However, you can withdraw your earnings on YouTube only when your balance reaches a minimum of $ 100.

YouTube is a great workflow that can help you make a lot of money. It also has a big impact on your work.

Most of the top earners on YouTube make the most money through Adsense, which makes it very difficult for amateur / growing video creators to rely on this business model alone. That’s why it’s so important to experiment with different monetization categories on how to make money on YouTube.

One thing to keep in mind is not to put too much pressure on yourself. Because it takes a lot of time. It can take months or even a year to start making money on YouTube.

To avoid any problems, always follow community rules and stay away from inappropriate / illegal content that could be reported as offensive, spam, hateful, infringing, or copyrighted.

Let us know what YouTube monetization idea you like the most in the comments section!

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