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10 ways to grow You Tube channel


10 ways to grow You Tube channel

There is no denying that video marketing has gained momentum in the last few years. It’s becoming more popular and accessible to brands, and it’s a great place to invest in popular sites like Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even your website. Watching videos on this website platform.

As is often referred to as “the world’s second largest search engine,” YouTube can help you find and use your content faster – if you know a few tips, here are 10 effective ways to grow your YouTube channel.

Create a video with a single keyword / topic

This may seem obvious. But creating your video about a single topic / keyword is the best way to get the traffic you want and increase your audience. Most SEOs do not know the best practices to avoid this step. But it is important if you want your video to get as many views as possible. Try a keyword tool like This is a dedicated tool for YouTube to find the most searched keywords in the niche you want to target.

Change existing quality content

Of course, the easiest way to grow your channel is to create great content. But content is not always meant to be recreated. Some of your best videos can be created from interesting, valuable, useful, and useful content you’ve already created. Most people go to YouTube for answers and tutorials to the problems they face. So it is content that is good for solving those problems. Take a look at your existing blogs, guides, and other effective articles and statistics on how to make these videos interesting.

Engage with your audience

YouTube is a social media channel. Therefore, it is important not to ignore the need for social interaction. If you only post a video without the support of comments and discussions. You are missing YouTube rewards your channel with good promise. This includes the total time spent on the channel. Time to watch likes and dislikes and most importantly, opinion. Try to respond to each comment you receive. (If possible!) And ask users to engage with audio / visual instructions.

Get the brand

So your content is great. But is your channel bright? If you want viewers to take your YouTube channel seriously and subscribe to your channel. You have to look professional. Brand users of your channel help users quickly identify your content. If you have a blog or website you have a certain type of image that you can use to differentiate yourself from others. And / or business so it makes sense to upload that brand to your youtube channel. Here is an example of ModCloth fashion brand.

In addition to tagging images, be sure to add a custom URL to your “channel header” and write an interesting bio about who you are and what your video is about.

Promote YouTube videos on your social networks

One of the advantages of social media is that you can promote your content on different channels. This is the easiest way to increase your audience. Which channel is yours? Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest? There are so many to choose from. And if you have a channel (like Facebook), you want to post a video. For example, you can always have a full video teaser on YouTube so you can get the best interaction from each channel. Don’t forget about your blog; you can post your videos there as well!

Reveal your Face

Manage YouTube on your own or as part of a small organization. Showing your face on the screen can be very helpful. When you create a brand image, your target audience can easily connect you as a person. This is especially important for bloggers, fitness, life or business trainers, and independent entrepreneurs. Not every video you create needs your face. But every few videos, you need to reach your audience personally.

Post awesome thumbnails

This may seem like a trivial thing. (Why it matters), but miniatures can have a big impact. YouTube More video ads via sidebar thumbnails. So you want to stand out among your video series. Like YouTube searches, videos with catchy titles and thumbnails rank higher. Although the content is not the same, it has a high clickthrough rate (CTR). Try strategies like highlighted areas, arrows, large text. and unexpected or unusual images.

Use a YouTube card.

We talked about YouTube rewarding channels that keep viewers on the page longer. This long average watch time means people are genuinely interested in your content. (You can see how long your video has been using YouTube analytics.) By adding a YouTube tab, you can add other recommended videos to the extent that the user disables it. But they can skip the video. Redirect users to other content and stay on your channel. increase the rank of the channel

Attract followers to Subscribe

One way to get viewers to engage with your channel is to “subscribe” to new videos. Ask Viewers to subscribe to your channel on every video you upload. and communicate with existing subscribers. (You can see a list of your customers here.) Never pay a customer. This will reduce your loyalty and negatively affect the validity of your account in the long run. Remember that if you don’t want viewers to follow you, you may have lost a lot of potential followers.

Increase the upload frequency

This trick may seem daunting at first. however, in order to increase the number of viewers, it is necessary to increase the transmission frequency to at least one video per week. Don’t worry, you don’t need a design firm or a big advertising budget for this. Today’s smartphones have excellent video recording capabilities. And make video editing tools easy for everyone like Animoto. Consistency is key. Try to write at the same time every day or week. (depending on frequency) and notify your subscribers of new videos. So stick to your schedule.

Remember that engaging with quality content enhances what engages followers and then develops. Sponsor your brand! Be yourself and your brand. and engage with your audience along the way.

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